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A Train Ride to Boston

Here it comes it he smiles big and tries to stay behind that yellow line...he has been waiting for this ride for a very long time...he actually reminded me that I said No...many times...but "today you said yes"...So off we all went on the big train to spend the day in Boston.  We are very fortunate that our town is one of the stops for getting into the city...40 minutes and we will be there...but first the ride.


Liam has ridden the train many times.  He practically knows all the stops on the way in but still he loves watching out the window and explaining everything to me as we pass all the highlights.  It's because of Liam that we are taking this see, it's our last Wednesday with the boys...probably for a very long time..Liam starts kindergarten next week and in our town, it's an all day affair, five days a week.  So as a special treat we took the boys to Boston...but you know, I've learned over the years, that we never take the boys anywhere, they always take us.  We just go along for the fun.  

So the train is now on it's way and Jaxson is talking to Papa...but as you can see Papa is busy doing I don't know what...but I had to include this photo because honestly, the look on Jaxson face, is priceless..and just so sweet. He loves his Papa so much.

I think when he didn't get Papa's full attention, he decided to take out his own camera and take photo's of the train...yes, each boy has their own camera and Liam is pretty good with his...but Jaxson is still learning...No one tells him to take his finger off the this point he just likes listening to the click of the shutter...and just so you know...Papa put away the phone after I gave him a little whack/nudge. 

After a wonderful and scenic ride into Town, we had a 15 minute walk to the Rose Kennedy Parkway...just built a few years ago.  It's a lovely place for families to come and be outside...the boys like the water park...and there is plenty of room for picnic's and running around.  Boston is not as big or as crazy as New York but in it's own way it has lots to offer...the best hospitals in the world, museums of the finest quality, lots of outdoor parks and restaurants and world class shopping and stage also hosts the Boston Gardens and Swan boats, which we did earlier in the year...and the Boston Common. One of our favorite sections though is the North End and that is where we took the boys this day and actually most days when we come into the city...and a little side note...we also claim Fenway Park.  The boys interest today was not on any of those was all about these water fountains squirting up in the air.  Liam's favorite thing to do was to run through them, Jaxson favorite thing was to sit on them...and make the water squirt out his butt....go Jaxson.  So you get the picture...

Then sometimes they would team up and block the jets with their feet...they really had such a great time and the weather was perfect...but now it's getting to be time for some lunch.

After a quick walk to Fanueil Hall, where things are always hopping, we went to Regina Pizza for lunch.When you come to Boston you must have Regina Pizza...the original is on Hanover St...but this one is just as good...the boys love the cheese pizza...and inside Fanueil Hall there is always something going on, usually's a happening place...

This is what was happening today while we were there...all of a sudden to our surprise and joy, the boys heard some very loud noise...and what to their wondering eyes and ears did appear but the US..Navy singing a song...very loud and very lively and very clear, lead by their Captain...marching right though Fanueil Hall. The boys eyes grew bigger and bigger the closer they got...and Liam, being my grandson, got out his camera and got the best shot...Jaxson just stood so still, he was in awe. He raised his hand to say goodbye when they passed...seems the USS Constitution let their employees of the ship today for a little showmanship and advertisment. We just loved it..those big booming voices.

After such a long and busy day...we really needed to start our walk back to get the train to go home...but you cannot come to Boston without going to Hanover St...for back through the park and down to the Italian section of town...where people still shop everyday in the hood.  I have a favorite tea and spice shop that I visit each time I come to the city...I can close my eyes and the smell in that shop takes me to a time where I can envision what the neighborhood would have been like...I've been coming to the North End since I was 16 years old..Jim went to school here and lived in the North End...oh but that's another story for another day...back to the boys and their Gelato...the perfect way to end this wonderful, memory filled day. Liam is falling alseep at the table...good thing we brought the carriage...

So, a train ride to Boston with the two boys.  I wonder when it will happen again..Liam is going to big boy school and his Nana is having a hard time with that...I have been so fortunate and I'm so very grateful for all the full time attention I have been able to share with him...I know he is ready and excited.  I am so happy for him but at the same time...I will miss our time together, just him and I and Papa and then Jaxson came along to join us.  We had our own little world and it was beautiful...I told Liam a few weeks back how much I was going to miss him..just having him a few hours a week now...and he didn't skip a beat when he looked at me and said..."it's o.k. Nana, your always going to be my best friend."...I guess that will have to do for now...tears running down my cheeks...

The adventures don't end here though...for a few more years we will have Jaxson.It's his turn now for some one on one with Nana and Papa, just like Liam's before him.and I'm sure he will be taking us places we never dreamed of going, and I'm sure there will be a few more train rides in there for us..



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Reader Comments (6)

I goggled with delight through most of this post -- wishing I had been there to see it all in person -- but your images made me feel that I was there! Until the end when I teared up at Liam's comment. How you will miss each other! But what a great time you have had the privilege of having! The photos of Jaxon and Papa are so so very sweet and I cannot believe how good that photo of the Navy is. Utterly amazing. And as you know I love kids and water and your shots are terrific. You have such an incredible book of memories in words and images. I had to cram a whole year into two weeks with the grandkids. But I did my best. And I am definitely going to visit Boston before too long. Ahhhhh….

September 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSherry

Oh, my Dearest Cheryl . . .
Have been away all day, but HAD to open your Blog, first thing . . . so here I sit, teary-eyed, having said, OH . . . AW . . . Oh . . . ah . . . a hundred times or more.
From the first shot with the anticipation and excitement so obvious, even behind those adorable Elton John sunglasses, to Liam's fixed attention on the world passing by, to Jim's absorption with Jaxson trying to get his attention, to your nudge (was HOPING you would do that girl!) . . . to the unbelievably PRECIOUS capture of Jackson behind his point and shoot, to the water pics (but how did you get them back into regular DRY clothes?) . . . to the excitement of the serendipity of the military parade, to the pizza and gelato . . . oh, I'm just all goose bumpy . . . of ALL your posts, the ones with your grandsons go right to my heart . . . this blogging session was just like being at the movies . . . thanks so much for sharing! And oh, yes, Liam's comment brought on the flood!!!!!!!! xox A xox

September 4, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAntoinette

ps....sorry for the misspelling of Jaxson midway through . . .

September 4, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAntoinette

I had fun just reading about your day!

September 6, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterpam

Cheryl, just so you know, I've read this a few times, simply to go along for the little get away with you sneaking in a seat behind you all and watching and are blessed with these sweet boys, and they are blessed with you and Jim. Them sitting on those water shoots is a hoot...I can feel that myself. Cities with boroughs are quite intriguing to me...getting to visit them is a treat to enjoy pizza and gelato. Well the booming Navy troop all marching and singing must have been a real treat, and I'm guessing they also enjoyed their treat of getting off the ship for a while. Liam's camera skills are going places! So I leave here with a warm heart, and knowing your love for the boys is blazing and you'll miss little Liam's weekly visits and special times, but you've made so many lovely and fond memories in his mind, as in Jaxson's. Thank you so much for sharing them with us..... Love to you 💖 and one for the boys 🎈👬

September 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterBeverly

Thank you my fairthful girlfriends for showing up and sharing your thoughts with me...each one of you are special and I'm addicted to all of I wish that someday we could all meet on a train and ride the rails together to some great destination...what a hoot that would be...until then...just know that you are withme and the boys when we go on our adventures becasue I always say..."can't wait to share this with the girls"...

September 9, 2015 | Unregistered Commentercheryl c.

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