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Boston With The Boys

It's a rare event these days to get a sleep-over with the boys..They are so busy with their sports and school and the fact that their Mom doesn't want to give them up so easily anymore...can you imagine that, so when they had a Saturday free lately, after asking a million times for a sleep-over, we planned it.  One of our favorite things to do with the boys every spring has been to take them to Boston to the Public Gardens and the Common.  We factored that into our plan.  Also, a month of so back we had taken Liam out to dinner in town but Jaxson had not been there so after our adventures in the parks we would go to dinner at our special spot. Part of our strategy was that with all that walking and playing, they would be pretty tired when they got off we went. 

If was a lovely day weather wise and we were grateful for that.  The boys were in shorts so we knew it was really a rare New Enland spring day...we parked the car.  Actually we got lucky on that because the walk to the Gardens was very close by.

Along the way I had to stop and take a few photo's...It's in my DNA and the boys are very good about waiting for me and if not, they just keep going and I catch up.  There is just to many things to see in the spring with flowers popping up and great reflections.  This was on Newbury St., a really lovely street for flower gardens and potted plants.

A Saturday in the Gardens or Commons creates the best people watching.  This was a wonderful day for taking a bike ride or just strolling hurry.

Lots of trees were blooming and the kids were enjoying the view through the limbs...Such a happy feel here after a long muddy spring...

 Not to be outdone by the other boys, it wasn't long before mine decided to give a tree a try.  Liam was like a monkey going from branch to branch but Jaxson needed a lift every once in awhile...They sure had fun though.

I'm hoping his Mom doesn't read this blog post because she might have a heart attack...LOL.  Yes, Monkey Joe extended his trip up the tree.  I was right under him and when it was time to come down...I was there to help him guide his feet but he did perfectly well on his own...This one is full of adventure and not an ounce of fear...

Papa was rigth there keeping an eye on the boys went from tree to tree, checking them all out. So many people spreading blankets and having Saturday afternoon picnic's, babies in carriages, happy to just be outside.  The grass was really thick and a nice shade of green..I guess the rain is good for some things.

Help Papa, I'm stuck.  He didn't give up though...he made it and he was so proud of himself.

Late afternoon, the sun is going down, and the clouds are starting to fill in.  It was time for us to start out. We had a long walk up Newbury St. to get to our dinner spot.  I just love looking at the Boston skyline though from wherever I am and then capture it with my camera..

As I came out of the Gardens, the duck boat was going by.  I thought it was great that this one was honoring Dublin.  All the boats are different in color and message.  

Back up Newbury St.  What little boy can resist walking on the wall and jumping off of each one.  Not this little guy...he is constant motion and so much fun to take anywhere...boys just being boys.  Liam was up ahead with Papa and I'm sure they were enjoying great converstation...

We ended our day in Boston at Trident Book Sellers and Cafe, but not before we stopped at Campers Shoes, where both of the boys picked out a new pair of snazzy shoes...If you look closely you can see Jaxson got new red ones...he is a bit flashy..So if you have never been to Trident and you love great comfort food and books, the next time your in Boston do give this a try.  The boys love sitting in the second floor window, reading books, yes, they let you read while you eat...and both declared the chicken fingers and fries were the best ever...along with a delicious mango smoothie...

Two things, the day with them was wonderful.  No running to games or swim lessons.  No agenda, no clock. It was a day we all needed.  To be out in the sunshine, all of us doing what we love...some climbing trees, me with my camera and Jim just loving being with the boys.. Number two, the day wasn't over, we got to take the boys home with us for the night.  Our first sleep over in a very long time.  Liam was in his own bed here for the first time and Jaxson and I were still snuggling in the big bed.  A busy day but one that i am so happy I have for my memory book...

Guess what:   they did not fall alseep on the way home...does that mean they are really growing up???



When did it happen?  "It was a long time ago."

Where did it happen? "It was far away."

No, tell. Where did it happen?  "In my heart."

What is your heart doing now?  "Remembering. Remembering."

Mary Oliver



It Was The Best Christmas Ever...MOM

Those were the words that Liam whispered to his Mom when she asked him how his Christmas was.  Those words, from a seven year old, are a gift in itself.  It tells me that he, and possibly Jaxson, will really hold this Christmas in their hearts all their life...of course Tucker played a big part.  You never forget a gift like him...all that soft fluffiness, full of endless energy,  and loving the boys right from the start..and here is how the rest of the morning went...


Jaxson and Uncle Chris...Christmas Eve..


They finally get up and move cautiously into the living room.  Jaxson staying close to his brother.  This is Jaxsons first year of really "getting it"...

Ok. now he gets it...what is that?  Santa brought Jaxson a geiger counter.  He loves rocks and now he can go to the beach and find rocks and money..he really liked this gift from Santa.

Oh my sneakers.  Jaxson is pretty excited about these...He put them right on. I think he's got a bit of his flashy Nana in go Jaxson...your rocking it here.

Well after Tucker I would say this was Liam's second best gift.  It's all he talked about before Christmas and he was pretty happy to unwrap that how excited they both were..

It was Lego city by the time the day was over.  Jaxson got this battle you think he liked it...

that face...

Before the real puppy appeared, there was this puppy that Liam loved.  

Getting help from Dad to put the spaceship together. 

Taking a break from opening gifts to have a little run with Tucker.  

Rest time for Tucker.  His first day in his new home, his first Christmas.  It's a big job for a little guy. Uncle Chris to the rescue...


Although it seemed to be all about Tucker today, it's really Riley who shines in this family and he deserves the spotlight.  For 10 years he has been a loyal companion to Jenna and the boys..and now he gets to rest more and enjoy all the pats and treats a dog of his age deserves.  I think before to long him and Tucker will be best friends as Riley takes Tucker under his wing.  Merry Christmas Riley..

So it was a whirlwind day that is right up there at the top of the Memory pile. For Papa and I it was a much appreciated gift to go through this season with the boys, both of them believing in the magic of Christmas and Santa Clause.  We also welcomed Elf on the shelf to our house when the boys discovered we didn't have one...They named ours Brownie and each day that little elf would move around and the boys would always run in the door to see what kind of trouble Brownie was in now.  At their house they had Buddy...he was really bad.  I am happy to say that Brownie is now back at the North Pole.  

So many gifts this year...our son and daughter both live close by..we spend lots of time together during the season..and the boys bring it all to light from being a King and a Shepard in the church play to being full of wonder at the gifts that Santa brings...we are a small family but boy we make a lot of noise, filling each house with laughter, running and bright many kisses and hugs and I love you to the Moon and back...and even for me, a snuggle in bed with Jaxson before he opens his eyes to discover this new day...let me just tell you, there is no better gift on Christmas or any other day, than the sweet smell and soft smile of a little one as they are just waking up...and those kisses, those butterfly kisses, you guessed gift of all...

I hope you all found many moments of quiet joy and perhaps even a bit of loud joy over your Christmas day...wishing you all a very Happy New Year.  May it be filled with hope love and possiblities in the new year...

My word for next year....Possibilities...