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Cherry Blossom Time

Washington D.C., April 1st, 2017, Cherry Blossom Time...I get to check another one off my bucket list.  I'm really going after the bucket list this year.  Cherry Blossom time has been on the list for many years and quite by accident we got to go this year.  There was some talk of the cherry trees not having as many blooms because of a late March snowstorm and that storm did damage some of the trees but not nearly as many as had been predicted.  Of course we did not know this until we got there, so can you imagine our surprise and joy, at seeing this most amazing extravaganza of pink when we finally got to the basin. It simply filled our senses. A beautiful photo everywhere you turned. Lovely and happy people. The sun was in and out but it was warm.  I survived the metro in, but that's for another day, and more than once, I gave thanks for the beauty that surrounded us.  Yes, folks, this was what was happening in Washington D.C.  It is such a lovely realization that some things are not touched by politics but simply by nature.  The gift given to us by the Japanese. The plantings of cherry trees originated in 1912 as a gift of friendship to the People of the United States from the People of Japan. In Japan, the flowering cherry tree, or "Sakura," is an exalted flowering plant. The beauty of the cherry blossom is a potent symbol equated with the evanescence of human life and epitomizes the transformation of Japanese culture throughout the ages.  I am thankful for this gift. So for all of you who won't be able to make it to Washington...I gift you the beauty that came to us that day.

I know, this last one is not from a cherry tree...but a magnolia tree.  It speaks so much of early spring that I had to include it..


It is spring time now! While the world looks for a new war to fight, you look for a cherry blossom to watch! Let the stupid seek the violence; you seek the elegance!

Mehmet Murat Ildan
I sat with the above quote for awhile, not sure if I wanted to post that on my beautiful page.  In the end, the world is what it is.  I can't change it but on any given day, I can change myself.  I choose to look for the beauty and elegance that cannot be taken away from us.  I choose spring and re-newed faith in myself. That I will continue to live in nature and light for as long as I can...and in doing so, I will continue to knock things off my bucket list, no matter where the bucket takes me.  Courage does not mean you aren't afriad, it just means you do it else to get to the beauty.

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Reader Comments (8)

I must repeat myself in saying how much in awe I am of you that you went to DC!
So glad the trip was worth your efforts, as these beautiful photos attest!
Thanks for sharing, as I highly doubt I'll put myself in your shoes here!
We have a lovely white Japanese Cherry tree in our front yard which will have to suffice!
What's your "next" trip?
We'll be "driving" to NH which will be more my speed, although still not anticipated!
And as far as the quote . . . I'm glad you included it.
I just resolved to NOT look at the news anymore.
My anxiety levels were skyrocketing . . . for what?

April 19, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterAntoinette

Thanks Antoinette. I don't have any plans for another trip yet..except going to Maine for the summer. We might just do a few days in different, close by places. I have some things to take care of here. Lovely that you have a japanese cherry tree...all of these trees came from Japan...And like my post says, if you can't get there, you can enjoy them here...Have a great weekend my friend and thanks always for your visits and most lovely comments.

April 19, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterCheryl c.

I've never been to Washington, DC, so I thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. As for the quote, I think it makes an important addition to the story of this beauty. I sometimes wonder if it's cowardly of me to not follow the news more closely, to not be all-consumed by what's happening in our country and world today. But the truth is that there's nothing I can do about it. Instead, I choose to seek beauty and goodness, and to send it out into the world wherever I can.

April 20, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterLeón

Glorious images! A beautiful sight to see especially after what seemed like a very long winter. I have been to DC several times, tagging along with my husband on his business trips but I have never been during cherry blossom season. I choose elegance too :)

April 20, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSusan

Seeing pink blossoms at every turn simply must have been spectacular, Cheryl! I'm especially drawn to the one of the bridge and tree...very soft and pretty. A spectacular show for sure. In southern Indiana, one small town is known as the Dogwood capital and seeing all the dogwoods in bloom at one time is amazing. I love spring colors and trees in bloom, as well as the early soft green color of leaves. Glad you checked off a bucket list place, and captured it in photographs.

April 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBeverly

The Cherry Blossoms are gorgeous! So much pink, I bet the pictures don't even capture the entirety of their beauty. We went to D.C. in 2015 for spring break during the cherry festival...but no cherry blossoms. The Reflecting Pool wasn't even filled. It was a little disappointing, but my first time so there were many other things that peaked my interest. Thank you for sharing the blossoms! I don't have a bucket list, I need to add that to my to-do list. :)

April 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMichelle B

I can't tell you how happy I am every time I see one of your cherry blossom shots. Since I can't go to Washington or Japan right now, this is the very best next thing! It does my heart good to behold this delicate pink beauty. We are waiting patiently for our trees to bud and our flowers to bloom. It will happen but just not yet. My lilacs and crabapples will give me much pleasure when they arrive, along with mi irises and tulips. This year I planted special tulips to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. They are red and white ad supposed to look like our flag. Can't wait to see them. But in the meantime I will look at your blossoms and be happy.

April 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSherry G.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments..I would suggest if you haven't been to cherry blossom season in Washington DC, you should add it to your bucket list. The trees will be there for a long time so don't worry about how long it takes you to get there...It took me 70 years...Have a great week.

April 25, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterCheryl c.

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