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Welcome to my world and my home.  A place where I try to make a difference each day in someone’s life either through my actions, my words or hopefully through my photography.    

I am at a stage in my life where I get to chose how to spend my days and for the most part I love to be with my family.   They bring such joy to my life.   In 2009 we were blessed with our first grandson Liam. Then again in 2012 Jaxson enter the world with a bang.  Since the arrival of both of them our world has been full of laughter, love and many hugs...I will continue to share their lives here on my hopes that someday they will read it and know how much they were loved by Nana..

Jim and I are so grateful for all the traveling we have done. Through travel I am able to see that the world is really a small space.  People are people all over the world.   All of us are trying to find our way,  some easier than others.   Travel and photography go hand in hand  and my photography is a way for me to share the world with others.

I love nature and all that it brings to my life.   It teaches me that it’s the little things that matter, the trees,  bugs, lakes and streams.   There is quiet and peace and many other gifts that the forest gives.   It restores my soul and lets me know that there is a power beyond our control.   A spirit that rises up and takes hold.   A gift from above. When I need to restore or rest I either go the woods or the ocean...Water anywhere is so healing..that's one of the reasons we love our little house in Maine so much.

Recently I have started to study still life photography a bit more.  I like the way it feels and it pulls me in the direction of comfort and home.. A sense of who I am in my own space,  in my own private world.   It lets me share the things that I love and look forward to each day as I navigate through my world of self.   I also like the feeling of continueing to grow and learn. I am  finally able to accept that the  time has come for me to enjoy this endeavor of mine, to share my creativeness through my photography,  my words and my photo's.

So pull up and chair, grab a cup of tea and visit awhile. I hope when you come to my blog you will find energy,  peace, and a sense of all things wonderful that surround all of us each day if only we take the time to slow down and “see”.   It is  when we stop and quiet our minds for a bit that we are able to understand that all we really need is what we already have...we just need to be able to take the next step and use our gifts and then share them with others.  So for all who come here,  thank you. May you leave knowing that you matter to me and to yourself.


"With beauty before and behind me, With beauty below and above, With beauty all around me, I walk." ~Navajo saying