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On A Fall Walk

Friday's Finds come up so fast...really, a week just flies by. This week it was hard to pick what to post but then after thinking about it for about one minute..the choice was easy.

You all know that I have the Boys on Tuesdays and this week Liam and I ended up, late afternoon, at the Tea House....again..Gosh we both love that place so much.  The special part came though after we were finished with tea. I asked Liam if he would like to walk home today and kick around a few leaves..of course he said yes...I was a bit surprised because we had never really walked any distance before.  My husband, sweet man that he is, was waiting for us in the car with Jaxson while he napped.   So here was the plan....Liam and I would walk, Jim and Jaxson would give us a head start and then come and pick us up...

So off we went, him and I...holding hands..nothing electronic, just us and the sounds of fall and our own voices.  It was the best walk ever...and this is what we saw...

We passed the old cemetery.  Well that stirred up a bit of conversation about ghost and dead people...little boys love ghoulish things..before we got into how old I might be I quickly moved him on.

We live in horse country so we often pass the horses in the fields.  These white ones...Liam calls them Sugar, were just grazing around...Liam loves horses and on our drives and walks he always likes to say "hi" to the horses.

Next we came along a house that had the laundry hanging out...this was my opportunity to tell Liam how we used always hang our clothes out...I'm not to sure if he was impressed with this but I sure was...To me there is nothing nicer and more refreshing than laundry hanging on the line...In Maine I sometimes still do this.

More horses...our lucky day. The sound of the hoofs clip, clopping along the trail as two girls were just out on a leisurely ride..with such great colors to travel through...we stopped and watched them pass..and Liam says someday he's going to have "his own horse"...Good luck with that one Liam..

Last but not least and really the most running through the leaves...this photo was not taken on our walk because I did not have a camera...but it certainly belongs with our walk because we both moved through those leaves with laughter and joy and the wonders of spending this fall  walk with a happy, talkative  little boy....

Side note...when Jim came along to pick us up...Liam insisted that he wanted to walk the entire way...and he did...the weather was lovely, the colors outstanding and we encountered more than I could post here...We had a lovely chat with a man, sitting on a bucket, painting is new fence...I have to was one of the best fall days I've had...these boys continue to lift me up...and I am forever grateful for my time with just seems to me that fall was made for children....of all ages...:)

Happy weekend.

"We are here essentially to risk ourselves in the world; we are a form of invitation to others and to otherness, we are meant to hazard ourselves for the right thing, for the right woman or the right man, for a son or a daughter, for the right work or for a gift given against all the odds, and to allow ourselves to be happy may be the greatest, most courageous act of all."  David Whyte