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Happy Birthday Lil Man

In just three short years Lil Man has changed my life...Today is his third birthday and I ponder on all he is and all he gives.  Yes it's his birthday but I feel like I'm the one who gets the gifts each time we are together..I guess at the end of the day,  this is what life is really all about...the gifts we give and receive from each other. Liam has a very small budget and so his gifts are always from his heart...

I love how he smiles and those smiles often turn into ourtright giggles and so he sets me off also...thank you Liam for the gift of turned up lips and cheeks...for reminding me that there is so much to smile about even when we think there isn't...and when things do go wrong...I'll remember that don't stay in your sad place but for a minute.

I love how you run just for the sheer pleasure of life is always in the fast lane for time for sitting and keep my sneakers moving also on our walks and you love when I chase you...and you always are my champion.  

I love how your face expresses such peace as I watch you and your buddy Honey Bear wrapped up in a nuggly,  soft light on your precious face...I could watch you for hours and sometimes I do...and that to, is a precious gift. When you have a sleep over you crawl in my bed in the middle of the night and I wake with your smiling face and baby breath on my cheek,  excited for the new day to start...I groan but it's only for a minute as I don't want to lose one sweet moment with you.

I love how you teach me anew,  how to cook in the kitchen and really get into whatever we are making...Following all the rules of apron wearing and lots of stirring...and batter flying all over the place...I needed this lesson. I'm feeling bad that your Mom didn't have quite so much fun with the mixer...but I'll tell her that messes are o.k...they really do clean up...a valuable lesson here My Lil Friend.

You teach me patience when you spill,  and I say "no worries" when something goes wrong for anyone else you have the good judgement to repeat the words of "no worries"  and that is really nice. No one has shame or hurt feelings when your around.

I love when you read to me...I found out from you that we don't have to read every word the way it is written, that sometimes we can just read the pictures...they also tell a story...they tell the story that you give them...Mostly what I like about story time is that you sit really close to me and we put our heads together to get to the end of the book...that feels nice.

You fill my days with adventure and joy...long walks and fast runs.   We look for birds, bugs and dog are now taking the camera out and together we document what we find..and yes,  your dog poop photo is your favorite and now it's mine also...

I especially like it when we go on our Adventure's to Barnes and Nobles..where you play with the trains and I get tea and then we have never ask for more than a cupcake at the end but occiasionaly you do get a treat of a train or a car..I love your chatter all the way up to the store and all the way back..and you love to tell me to "punch it Martha" on the highway...folks that means "go fast Nana" and beat the other car...maybe I shouldn't have taught him that one...but we laugh about it.

I love bath time and bubble time and tea time..all the things that we have been doing together since you were a tiny baby and now they are your routines as well as mine...having tea with you at home or at the tea shop is such a hugh gift, you with your cookie and me with my scones...we both slow down and you tell me all about your life and I'm amazed by your simplicity and innocence...

Most of all I love how you hug me...and I love how you now know the meaning of love...special times we have you and I...and most recently when we were walking up the road, hand in hand and you leaned into me and said in your little boy voice that I love so much.."Nana I love you"...and then you just kept on walking like it was no big deal,  I gotta tell you my heart was smiling high and wide...for that one Great Gift of Joy. Once again you re-affirmed to your Nana how special our relationship is...

Happy Third Birthday to my Lil Man....Love you Nana

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