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Looking For Papa

I'm not quite sure who is the most fortunate in the threesome of "boys" it the little boys or the one very sweet Big boy..I do know that their "game" is having fun.  Whenever they are together you can be sure Papa is right in the middle, not only taking good care of them but totally enjoying his experiences with them...It's like being a Dad all over again, without any of the for me, I get to witness it all and take the photo's...and yes, I get my fair share of love also....but today is Papa's Day..and the boys are coming to Maine...and I can guarantee you...there will be lots of Papa request.. and he never says No...



Jaxson and Liam both know that if they have any problems with any toy, bike or something that needs batteries, Papa is the fix-it man...and you know what...he always gets it right...lots of times, during the day, I hear a little voice calling "PAPA"...and I know that a repair job is needed..I love that Jaxson looks on, just to make sure Papa knows what he's doing...and Liam also has his lists of request during the day also...Papa is a busy guy when the boys are around.


All Jaxson has to do is smile that smile and flash those baby blue eyes and Papa becomes putty in his hands...actually, we all do...who can resist such sweetness...He's a charmer and a manipulator for sure..

Liam learned to trust in the process with Papa...he is always there to catch him when he falters or leaps in the wrong direction..Papa's arms are always stretched out to comfort and hold them whenever a hug is needed or a story read.  He gives them the assurance that they need and then they move forward again..

The boys have been walking a path with Papa since Liam was a toddler...holding hands as they go, they navigate through conversation and trust...learning of life and of each other...comfortable in their stride and building beautiful memories...these moments are some of my favorites and I'm sure both Papa and Liam would agree...Jaxson, starts this year to be able to walk the paths with Papa...should be just as beautiful.

Maine the way life should be for both grown men and little boys...Freedom to be outside and experience all that is most prescious in life.  Learning how to steer the boat and swim...learning at the feet of a Grandfather all life's most important lessons...but mostly learning how to value time and love.  To smell pine needles and watch the sunset, to hear the cry of the toast marshmellows or make smores on an open camp run and yell and cook on the grill...all the time, with your Papa close by watching over you..and at night...two boys tucked in between a Papa and a Nana, storying the big bed.  Bliss

Wherever these two boys travel in life...I know that they will take all the love and lessons of a very special Papa with them...they are his entertainment and his the same sense, they are very fortunate to have such a loving and attenative Papa....a Papa who, like small children, doesn't know what the word No means when it comes to being a great Papa...yes, is his word for them, not matter what they want...

Happy Father's Day Papa....the boys are here.

"Great fathers get promoted to grandfathers"


"a grandparent has the wisdom of long experience and the love of an understanding heart."


Last photo taken by Jenna Barton of the boys...but I just love it...

Although my blog is used for all my photography, it's main purpose has always been a journal to my family. Some day..I hope that all of my children will have the desire to read it and understand my love for please excuse me if sometimes it takes a more personal turn...on the other hand I love when anyone visits. 



When Old Is New Again

I am someone who gets caught up in all the latest gadgets, bells and whistle...I'm a gatherer by nature I think? If I read a review about a great book, I have to have it now.  When in France I loved the shoes there..oh I could have gotten the same brand when I got home, probably for less money, but no, I had to have them right then and there and I wanted them to be from France..the same thing happens when I listen to Kim Klassen tells us about all the great books she loves, or the props she uses and then she gives us the list in our on-line class, I go like crazy to research it and find it.  My photography community is wonderful..the people are great at sharing and answering questions..and if you admire someone works, they more than likely will tell you how they have accomplished their style...and then I sit and ponder and plot.. 

I love to take photo's of the boys..and I've used all kinds of a matter of fact, recently I just bought the 24-70L 2.8 because it would be good for both still life and the boys...indoors..still not what I was looking for for outside is however great for still life..along with my 35mm.  For awhile now I've been following two very creative and unique photographers of young children and the out of doors...their photo's were sharp as a tack...they had a great bokeh background and the photo's just popped.  I have faved many of their shots on Flickr and just love what they do...and always..I'm thinking tri-pod.  Well that is great if your kids stand still but I wanted to shoot them in all their daily activities...sooo, finally, I got up my courage (because I didn't know either one of them) and I wrote to them...and guess of them wrote back.  We had a was informative and lovely...She told me that she used a prime 85mm...and that was how she got those shots..of course her subjects were cute and somehow she did get them to pose and her creativeness in composition was outstanding...I'll have to work on that. 

In the end we had a lovely conversation and I was really impressed with her sharing...and since I had recently bought the 24-70 I didn't think I could press for another lens so soon...but I stored the information. The problem with me is once I have the never leaves my head until I make a definite decision.  Oh I let it sit there for about two weeks and bam...I was off to Hunt's and B&H doing my research...shocker...the prime 85L series 1.8 is around 2,000.00.  Well that wasn't going to work right I set in on that shelf in my brain...marked "ideas".   It has been there for awhile now but for some reason this week I started thinking about it I went to my "lens shelf" and found my 35mm and took that outside..and shot the boys with it all day...really nice photo's, really nice, but not the look I was trying to capture...and then, when returning that to the closet I saw my prime 100mm macro...BINGO.

I took that lovely out and thought, well if an 85 is good, why can't I give my 100 a try...and I was off and running..I have used this lens many times for my macro work and I love it for that.  It's a prime lens, 2.8.  I have also used it for portrait photography...up close and tight shots...but on Tuesday I used it for every kind of shot and I was amazed at the sharpness, clarity and the bokeh that I love.  I went shopping in my own closet and found a treasure.  I have since culled those photo's and I'm sharing some of my favorites here today for Friday's Finds..and what I found this week is that perhaps we should take more time to check our own supplies before rushing off on a treasure hunt..I am so happy right now with my closet find..and I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it was to upload and view the boys through this new/old lens...the only thing that I'll have to work harder on is focus because the focusing field is pretty precise but when I got was magical...all the photo's here today are mostly SOOC except for a bit of desaturation.  I wanted to share with you what the lens is capable of doing..not what I'm capable of doing in lightroom or Photoshop...that will come another what about that 85mm lens...I can't say I'm done with the wanting of it or the researching of it, because my understanding is that it's a pretty fast lens, but I have put in on the back burner for awhile and I'm going to keep working with my 100mm...see how it goes, you know.  Maybe next week I'll start looking around here for photo props.  Who knows what I'll find when I start opening up draws and closets...and for sure there must be some boards I can steal out of Jim's workshop...






"You don't get the same moment twice."


Best Bed Buddy's

Every once in awhile you get to witness something so special it leaves a lump in your throat...this was one of those times...Last weekend I spent two nights at my daughter's house and of course Canon came with me...I could not pass up an opportunity to capture the boys in their night and early morning routines..which I don't get to be part of very often...of course they come to my house once in awhile for sleep-overs and we have lots of fun when they come to Maine to visit...but somehow it is different and real when we experience how they are in their own surroundings...

They are both coming into the age when they can now connect with each other on a more playful level...and boys being boys, they do manage to rumble and tumble...which is something to see.  Jaxson is learning how to hold his own and fight for what he wants...while Liam is trying hard to be patient and tolerant of his little brother...not always an easy task for Liam...sharing is not his strong point yet...but it is moments like the one above that are so's these moments...that tell me that yes, they are going to be best buddies and it's starting right now...

Jaxson loves Liam and Liam loves his little brother..they cuddle in the big know, Mom and Dad's bed and they pile on their stuffies and blankies...and snuggle under the down comforter..It's quiet time before bed and both are they lean into each other...Liam reading, in his own way, to Jaxson a story off the I-Pad..and just the touch of Jaxson's arm, leaning on his big brother,  touches my heart.   They are sweet and loving, both of them, and at the end of the day....all their life through, they will be there for each other..just like they were on this night...

"Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero."  ~Marc Brown

"There's no other love like the love for a brother.  There's no other love like the love from a brother."  ~Terri Guillemets

Textured with Kim Klassen


Fall Fun At The Farm


Tuesdays with The Boys..Another Installment...

The sweet smell of fall and little boys faces after eating apples.  The colors of leaves in the piles they jump in and crawl through.  Warm days for being outside.  Pumpkins and pirates and corn mazes for getting lost in. Jumpy houses and falling down and slides...Cider and donuts, orange and brown sprinkles on ice cream. Mostly laughter is what I enjoy when I hear the giggles of these little boys..

We have been experiencing such beautiful fall weather..not even a jacket required during the day...but the leaves are turning and orange is the color of the season...Like most of you..I love fall and all the sights and sounds...and texture..The boys are having so much fun this year...Liam is finding his way through the maze and Jaxson...well, he's learning about the jumping and'm enjoying every single moment of their "season...





So if you get a  chance...stop and smell the'll be glad you did.



Boys and Butterflies

It used to be that I had the boys on Wednesdays, and each week we would go on an adventure or do something special at home.  We still do that, but now Liam is getting so grown up that he has left me for nursery hard for me to wrap my head around how quickly that time has come.   Just seems like yesterday that he was a tiny baby, just rocking away in his swing.  Still, we are fortunate to have the boys one day a week but now it is Tuesday's..Whew a few more years with them together...although the day is different our adventures will continue.

Last week we went to The Butterfly Place...what a wonderful day that was.  Liam loved seeing all the butterflies dancing around, some even landed on his head, which he thought was pretty funny.  Jaxson just delights in being out.  He looks around and takes it all in, not really understanding but not really caring either. To him it's just another adventure...

The beginning of the fall season always has been a marker for how quickly time flies.  It is a reminder for me, and always has been, to keep those things close to my heart that I love.  My kids, projects to be finished, perhaps a few days in the cellar or garage preparing for winter by getting rid of a bit more junk.  It reminds me to not take life for granted...soon my grandbabies will be off to school full time.   I know it happens fast so I'm storing up all of our adventures together...

Fall is a beautiful season..with so much color.  A season to prepare for winter and a season to enjoy the last of all the outdoor brings our picking, walks in the woods, shooting and playing in the leaves.  Soon we will be hundle inside by the fire with blankies and hot chocolate.  For me, those times are special also but not yet.  Each Fall marks another year of growth in those boys and I'm still wanting to play...and keep them small for as long as off to our adventures we go.

A fall day, little boys and butterflies...who could possibly ask for more..

Of course at the end of every amazing adventure the boys are always hungry so it's off to eat we go...their favorite place, if we can find one, is always a diner...our favorite place also, because a diner has a lot of patience with kids, and the food choices are right up their alley...a good grilled cheese, mac and cheese, french fries and chocolate milk..and hopefully a nap on the ride home...