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Seven Candles On The Cake

Dear Liam, I can't believe that I'm already writing you another birthday letter.  As I sat across from you on Sunday and I saw that delicious looking cake, chocolate of course, with seven candles on it...I was crying a bit inside, for the lose of our first little boy.  Then I looked at your face before snapping this photo and saw how excited and happy you were to be celebrating this day.  I think I sometimes forget , Sweet Friend, how much a big birthday can be to a boy that is growing so fast now and your world is getting so crowded with so many activities and new friends.  So this year I promise I won't ask you anymore to "stop getting bigger"...because I know, deep in my heart, that all you really want to do is get bigger.  Along with getting bigger though, you are getting better.  Stronger and more athletic.  Sweeter and more loving, especially to Jaxson, who thinks your the best thing since sliced bread or a Twix bar.  You have always been smart and sensitive and those are the words I will always use to describe you.  I don't know many boys who can put together a giant Lego set as quickly and perfectly as you can. This year you learned about elections and we talked a lot about that.  Your first time time of keeping track but really not wanting to hear to much.  I think someday you could grow up and be a great President.  I know for sure, that I would vote for you. One thing I'm really happy for, as you celebrate the beginning of your seventh year is, that you live so close by.  That means for as long as you want, we can still go out together and have our amazing adventures.  Take our camera's for a walk and be with Mother Earth, that's what you call Nature.  I think I like Mother Earth better. Let's not forget the Tea House either, one of our most favorite places, where you and Jaxson get great treats but also practice your best restaurant behavior.  Liam, you've been going to the Tea House since you were two years old. Way back then, in the old days, we used to take your sippy cup. This year you are now pouring the tea and using a china cup..along with adding about sixteen sugar cubes, using the tongs, if I don't catch you quick enough.  So Liam, as you continue to grow, as I know you will, even though some days I'd really like to keep you small, we will find new and more challenging adventures.  Papa and I will continue to support all you do and come to as many of your games as we can, take you to swim lessons, and now to Irish Step dancing lessons, a gift you have asked us for over and over.  Yes, you are seven but you never forget, in your busy days, to stop over, still spend Wednesdays after school with us, and to spontaneously say "Nana I love you"...really who could ask for more.  

I thought it might be fun Liam, to just take a peek at your year..It was a busy year..but way far in the future, when your like ten, you might forget some of these exciting things your doing now.  So, you know what I do best, right?  Yup, take photo's of you and Jaxson..thanks Liam for letting me do that, cause sometimes when your not around, I can look for you in my computer, so your never very far from me..

You've been playing soccer for a few years now and your getting so good.  You love it and we love watching you every Saturday morning.  You do everything with so much enthusiasm.

I really enjoyed when Mom was your coach...She did a great job to.  I think you really like that she was there for you and your team.  I liked when you both walked off the field together when the game was over.

New for you at the end of last year was flag football.  This is your second year and this is where you shine. You understand the game and are so fast. You love your team mates and really, you just have fun.  I like sports that promote fun as well as winning.  Just always remember it's not all about winning, sometimes you have to lose also and then you have to be "big" about that. It's just part of the game.

 Oh, Sweet Boy, every once in awhile, though not often anymore, for a few minutes, I get to see my Super Hero as a little one again.  These moments are so fleeting now but even big brothers and master Lego builders need to re-charge.  I love watching you and soaking up your preciousness, even for a minute.  They are like little tiny gifts given to me and I lift my camera to hold onto them.

There is nothing better for a Nana than to see her two boys sharing time and space together.  You and Jaxson are on solid ground to loving each other for a lifetime.  To taking care of each other and sharing toys and times together.  I love this photo of the two of you. Never forget Liam that even though sometimes he will annoy you, for ever and ever, he will love you.  Your job as his big brother is to protect him and show him how to grow..don't worry about the loving part, you already do that really well.

Oh my gosh, this year you are going to be able to sing that famous Christmas song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."  They are coming back pretty fast Liam.  That was pretty exciting wasn't it.  We all wanted to pull the first one out for you in our own unique ways but you were pretty sure that you would do it your way.  Mom sent you to school with all your teeth one day and when you came home one was gone.  Fortunately you didn't lose it and then that night the tooth fairy came and boy she must like you a lot.  She was very generous.  I'm thinking of putting my teeth under my pillow in a few years when they start falling out again...just kidding.  I do love your toothless smile though...

One of my favorites of you my friend.  Yes, you are busy and smart.  Your run and play and work hard. You also have a serious side that rounds you out.  When you are working on a project, reading or needing some alone time, you go quiet and concentrate.  It is a beautiful part of your personality.  You know how to accept a challenge and you are quite engaged with whatever you are working on.  I see it with Lego's, I see it when your in the shop with Papa.  It's like you already know when it's time to play and then it's time to be serious and work things out.  Even things that need talking about.  It's also your sensitive side that I see here.  Your growing my so many ways.

This last photo is how your Nana sees you most often.  It is the Liam that brings joy to the world.  Who makes life sweeter.  You love a challenge and this day I challenged you to climb to the top.  You did it and you were so proud.. I think this is how you are going to live your life as you grow.  You love to be busy, and you love to have fun.  You are serious but then you laugh from your toes up, just like your Mom...tender and caring of your family and friends.  Your only seven but your wise at heart.  Your a protector of your brother and you respect Mother Earth and all that she gives to us, including all the o.k., I'll let you be seven but only for a year, because I am so excited to see where you will go...and you know whatever you choose to do, I'll be right there watching you..

Happy 7th Birthday to my Best Friend

Love you to the Moon and Back...Nana

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Reader Comments (7)

How beautiful and bittersweet. I have no doubt this boy will always be a super hero and he will continue to provide many joyful memories at each and every age.

November 15, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSusan

Oh my gosh how quickly time flies. He has grown into such a handsome young man. And what a great older brother he is! Happy Birthday!

November 15, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLiz Thomas

Gosh seven already! Photograph is such a gift to be able to capture all these moments of his life.

November 15, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

What a beautiful post, Cheryl.
Happy Birthday, Liam!!!

November 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterLisa Gordon

Oh, Dear Cheryl,
It's always difficult for me to find "words" that fit my feelings of HAPPINESS from the deep and profound love you give to your grandsons. And to have you faithfully record these moments in writing, with photos, is the most precious gift on earth. I know if I lived closer to my granddaughters, my life would be so different. I do live so much of the JOY through you and the posts you share. I would LOVE to meet the rest of your family in person some day. I'm still being patient, waiting for your first book to be published . . . on the love of family and grandparenthood, perhaps? You know, God willing, I'll be there at the signing! Now, please let me know if you still want the JL Advent Calendar, or if you have already subscribed! I already downloaded the "Seaside" scene, and am positive your boys will LOVE IT! xox A

November 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterAntoinette

When I'm reading these sweet, heartwarming stories about your family and their birthday, i feel like a fly on the wall just silently watching with admiration of how you observe the smallest details and special features of each of your loved ones. Your words and photos are always welcoming for those of us visiting and reading about the private thoughts you have. I'd love a piece of the chocolate cake. My great aunt always made me a German chocolate cake for my birthday. It was so good. Seven is a sweet year, still tender but starting to seem older and wiser. Liam is a highlight of your lives, I can see. I hope he had a very Happy Bithday. 🎂🍧🍭🍩

November 16, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterBeverly

Thank you so much much to all my special friends for coming by and saying hi to Liam on his 7th birthday...I love when you visit and someday, when Liam gets the printed copy's of my blog post about him, he will know how lovely you all are to...just like I do...xoxo

November 29, 2016 | Registered CommenterCheryl Crotty

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