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Spread Your Wings...Summer Has Arrived.


Birds are singing, humidity is rising, grass is turning green and I hear the sounds of kids running and playing in the neighborhoods...Summer, it is here again, arriving after a very long and trying winter at my place.  The heat of the sun warms my bones and lifts my heart with is the season of re-newal and hope...I welcome it with open arms, from the sea to the sky.

So many blessings come in on that light ocean breeze and reminds me that this is the season to slow down.   The season to take a second look at all the beauty that we somewhow rush through in the winter...A time for thoughful meditation on how we want to move forward with the rest of this also allows us, to learn to just breathe in, all the sights, sounds and smells that spell summer...SLOW DOWN..


So many things I love about summer, and the funny thing is,  I allow myself the time to take it all in.  I know it's a fleeting season, so not one minute can be wasted....all those unfinished tasks of winter can wait now until fall...I have a bench at home in my labyrinth garden that calls to me...and a house in Maine on the lake, that sends the sounds of the loons looking for me..more cold beers and chilled wine that needs drinking...and lemons that need here is what I'll be doing...


Reading....All the books that I have stock-piled, especially my two new cookbooks, What Kate Ate along with Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook.  Bring on the ice tea and the sunscreen.


Wine in Maine...whenever I want..I'm a cheap date though.


Going to the beach..


Playing in the sand with the babies.

Boat trips and Loon watching...hoping to finally get some baby Loons this year...

More time with Friends...


Eat More Ice Cream..

Ah, and that hammock that beckons to me...let me rest my weary head there for a bit as the gentle breeze off the water rocks me into pleasant thoughts...

Stump time...find your stump and just sit on it and mediatate about all that is good and joyful in your'll be surprised when you leave your stump how full you feel...Life is good, even when it's not...


And finally and always....Family time...I'll say it again...but most importantly, when the summer is here and we gather in Maine...we are a small family but we are also a Blessed family.

Write your's o.k. if you don't get everything checked's just good to write it...hmm, I need to add writing to my list, make things happen for you and yours...What I know for sure, Life is Short....make it count every day...


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Reader Comments (4)

Just lovin' this blog; especially the last pic . . . but where's your other grandson?
I'm happy you enjoy the summer weather! I'm having a terrible time with bug bites and unfortunately
can't go out unless I'm sheep-dipped in bug stuff . . . even then, they find the one spot I've missed!
Found out today some of the attraction to my body is my blood type "O Positive" . . . hmmmmmm . . .
can't do much about that! I'll enjoy September when the skeeters have died down. I did see a lot of OFF at the cottage . . .
perhaps their summers are a bit buggy? So, I'm happily enjoying our air conditioning and new sunroom! And I did get our
patio porch furniture painted before the HHH hit!

June 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAntoinette

Ah my faithful nice to see you...wish we were at the beach....soon though.
My other grandson isn't in this photo because he wasn't born yet...and really we haven't had any beach time with him yet...Yesterday I did get a sticker to our little local beach so soon...I'll have photo's of him at the breach...thanks always, for your thoughts and encouragement and kind words Antoinette...xoxo

June 25, 2013 | Registered CommenterCheryl Crotty

Your photos are full of life and color... I love them!!

June 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNaomi

Well, aren't you having a grand ol' time! And so you should! I just adore all these photos -- s many faves among them -- love love the photo with the ice cream. A beauty. But the others make me smile and feel good too. I love your labyrinth garden. You should post about how you made that. I'm off for some cultural stim. Enjoy your time.

June 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSherry G.

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