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Looking Down and Up

March glad to welcome you...Please be gentle.   January and February were I welcome you looking down, dressing you in pink..a color of hope and gentleness.   

This weeks lesson was to shot a photo looking down.   Like all things for me the last two months, I found this to be somewhat of a challenge and know that it needs lots more work...but again it stretched me and took me out of my comfort zone.  I spent hours just thinking of a subject to shot.   Flowers always do the trick when all else fails and of course my ever loving companion..TEA.   

Up on the stool I got...didn't attempt the chair yet but next time..and really for all the photo's I took,  I only got this one that I feel is o.k. to post...I'm not disappointed in that because really you only need one of something if it works for you...but I learned a lot in this one photo...mostly I learned that there is another way of looking at my photography...I will try it again and maybe next time it will be a bit more "flowing", in the sense that the subject will come to me more quickly...I'm already thinking shoes.... and that next time I will go HIGHER.  

The rest of the process was so much fun...I love pink.   It's a gentle color and easy on the eye. Soft, feminine and in this case, a sign of spring bring with it, hope and healing.  Hyacinth has a sweet smell,  one of my favorite spring flowers and so I treated it with the respect it deserves to thank it for the joy it has brought me this past week. A level adjustment in photoshop and then I added a dusty rose texture at 56% opacity and another texture, KK0303 at 48 % opacity.  I also removed some of the texture from the cup after applying the dusty rose..lastly I added a gradient layer of soft pink coming in from the side just to soften it up a in the end,  not so bad..I'm kind of liking it...

A new month,  a new week.  I'm caught up,  well on my homework but now if I could only find a mini plow to come in and plow out my office...Well that is not going to happen so I'm going to run away from it for awhile and hit the better way to start a Monday and get your head screwed on straight, hopfully it will stayed screwed on for a few days...

Have a great week everyone...peace, love and a bit of pink....

Thanks always to kim Klassen for the textures and lessons...but mostly for the inspiration and love.

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Reader Comments (2)

This is a lovely image you have given us for a Monday. I love how the pink of the teacup plate echos the hyacinth. And I can just smell the hyancinth. You made a beautiful image; celebrate! And have a great week.

March 4, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSherry G.

Thank you Sherry for your visit and your lovely comment...I hope you have a great week also...

March 4, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercheryl c.

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