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Beyond Beyond and Beyond Me

Well so much for my word of FOCUS...oh it's not that I haven't been focusing,  I have,  but not on my blog..I so wanted to be up to speed, doing some more work on this blog and posting several times a week...not yet, because of what came before  Beyond Beyond even started.

So this post is a short post just to mentally say to myself...all is not lost,  you will get there.  Also a post to come to terms with Beyond Beyond and Beyond Me. 

My new class this year with Kim Klassen is Beyond Beyond...what a great title because last year I was in her Beyond Layers class and we've moved Beyond Layers so we are now 2B...Beyond Beyond. I have managed to keep up so far.. the problem is as I look at the title...I see two meanings there, both of which apply to my present circumstances...Beyond Beyond...I so want to focus on those lessons Kim is teaching but the Beyond Beyond takes on a new meaning for me which makes me think deeper than computer lessons, it takes me to..

Beyond Me...right now I am in a place that doesn't allow me the time and energy somedays to sit and Focus on my blog and all the creative dreams that I had planned to does this happen,  that on a dime our lives can change in such a way that time and energy are Beyond us...we become victums of our circumstances...That is the Beyond Me part...Oh I'm still learning lessons but they are not the lessons that I had set up for myself...these are life lessons that I would not have chosen if anyone ASKED ME what I wanted to learn.

But learn we do and cope we do because we have no choice...One lesson I've learned is that each of us,  when faced with a life challenge,  becomes more capable than we ever thought possible...all those times I said "I can't do that" or I wouldn't do that",  fly out the window in the face of survival...we do what needs to be done, not always with a smile on our face but with a determination that I will survive this and move on...I've also learned to use my time wisely in many more just fooling around..on a good day, do as much as you can of what you were hoping to FOCUS on, so that when a bad day sit on the couch,  pick up that great book that you are now back into and read...Oh how I've enjoyed the reading...

Bottom line...I'm working on getting better...but in the meantime...I'm learning that some things are Beyond Me. Athough that's a "bummer" does not define my life or mean that my life is out of my control completely...what it means is, I have two very good reasons to Focus now and both my dreams of being creative and my health are attainable as long as I continue to move forward within my physical limitations and keep my mental capabilites alive and well.

Life doesn't  always play out the way we plan...but as long as we roll with the punches, trust in a brighter future and know that "this to shall pass",  we can move Beyond today trusting that our tomorrows will bring small moments of joy even amongst the challenges...Time is precious...use it wisely,  it truly is a gift.

I'm still Focused,  I've just changed my view...

"Your body hears everything your mind says"   Naomi Judd

"I have the body of an 18 year old...I keep it in the fridge". Spike Milligan

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