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Creating Christmas Memories

Liam is ready and very excited about going to the Teddy Bear Tea at the Taj Hotel in Boston...It is a very special day..and the look on his face, as we start out, tells me it's going to be a "memory making" day.

The Taj Hotel, formerly the Ritz, is one of the finest hotels in Boston and they really know how to put on a show..this was a kids event but it was very fancy and proper..and so much fun.  Each child was to bring a Teddy Bear to the Tea, which would then be donated to charity...Liam has a mind of his own though.  I took him shopping and he decided that he wanted to bring a Monkey..I like that he knows his own mind and is not afraid to act on it...he took very good care of that monkey until he delivered it to the hotel.   On the way home though, he said he missed the monkey...

First on the list of things to do was for Liam to get that letter to Santa Claus written and mailed...this, my friends, was very serious business.  He drew the photo's on his letter and I did the writing and we got it in the mail just in the nick of time..I assured him that Santa would get his letter in plenty of time to make his wishes come true.

As you can probably guess, the girls far outnumbered the boys...and oh my, it was so much fun just to see the fancy outfits that they were's been a long time since I've seen so many girls in real party dresses. They were really cute.  

Tea Time and so many treats...I'm wondering though if it is really a good idea to put a bowl of mini marshmallows in front of a four year old...his lunch consisted of hot chocolate with many, many marshmallows and a quarter of peanut butter fancy sandwiches for this the meantime Jenna and I devoured our sandwiches, scones with cream and petite sweets...oh yes, and let's not forget the tea.

Oh look who came to visit...Mrs. Claus and one of the Elves...Liam took them very seriously and it was so much fun to see him in awe of Mrs. Claus...after they left..he told his Mom and me that he didn't think the elf was big.  Hmm, he's to smart.

After decorating gingerbread men, wreaths and candy cane cookies, it was story time...I'm not sure Liam was ready to get fully involved...he's just going to check it out first.  Just in case it's not his thing..

He decides it could be fun and he finds a group of boys and then he is "all in"...they had to close their eyes and also cover them while the Big Elf...hid.   It was there job to find the elf and bring him back to Mrs. Claus.  

There were many more things to do...he got his face painted..he had popcorn and colored.  It was a very busy day for this little guy.  His first big Christmas...he really gets it this year.  His excitement is barely containable and he is a joy to be with at this exciting time...Before leaving we got a photo of the three of us with the biggest Teddy Bear there...It was so nice to have time with my daughter and celebrate the season. Next year it will be so much fun to add Jaxson to the mix...

While waiting for Liam to gather his things...I looked over and saw Jenna sitting on the windowsill, looking out to the Boston Common...such a poignant photo...reflecting on the beauty of the city, and all that the holiday season brings and requires when you are the Mom of small children...I was glad that she could sit quietly  for a moment...and just be.  She is a sweet and loving Mom..and I am blessed to have her.

What better way to end such a beautiful day than with a lovely glass of wine while we waited for the valet to bring the car...of course, we were in stitches when we found out how much it cost to park the car...whew...but none of that was important at the moment...we all left with such light hearts and visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads...

I believe that Christmas is magic, that Santa Claus is real, that all things are possible, that life is precious, That peace is reasonable, that laughter is special, that blessings are devine, and that love is grand.

Merry Christmas my friends...find the beauty wherever you are.  Enjoy the little things and never let go of the magic of this very special season...wishing you all the most wonderful of year 2014.  Thank you for stopping by for tea.  For your Friendship and for your Love...

Several photo's textured with KK_Villa...thanks Kim..


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Reader Comments (6)

What a wonderful tradition you have begun!
I miss Boston!
And do remember the Ritz!
Good for you to partake in the festivities and introduce Liam to such a special treat.
So glad to see him up and about. He's been through so much.
As have you, your daughter and the rest of your family.

December 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAntoinette

Oh Cheryl, this is like reading a Christmas fairytale!! I felt like I was an elf in a corner or on a shelf, watching it all as I read this. It sounds like soooo much fun and little Liam looks so pleased, excited, and happy! What a sweet, cute little boy! Love your photo with the very large bear, and oh, the Monkey - that is the best! Wow…such a wonderful day, and your daughter in front of the window says it all! My dear friend, Cheryl, wishing and your family the most blessed Christmas ever! xxoo

December 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBeverly

Those really are precious memories!

December 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLiz Thomas

Such a special day for the three of you. I think Liam is not the only one who will remember this day for a very long time.

December 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

Oh my goodness! I am behind in my blogs -- my wifi was so slow there for a bit I couldn't see the pics, and I HAD to see the pics. This was such a magical amazing day with Liam and your daughter. And you captured so many incredible moments! I just want to scoop that little guy up and give him a big smooch - he is so very cute. I felt as though I was there with you. I can imagine Liam looking at these photos in future years and remembering the monkey and the big elf and Mrs. Claus! Love your reflections at the end too. What a beautiful holiday experience...xo

December 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSherry G.

What a wonderful day this day must have been. You've captured it so beautifully with your photos.

January 1, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSusa

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