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Look What Liam Got For His Birthday

From Nana and Papa......O.K you can calm down, we did not buy him this pony but what we are doing is giving him riding lessons.  Can I say Love right here...his love of horses is so evident and I'm living my love of horses through him...When he is at Myopia for his lesson, he has a smile a mile wide..I'm so proud of how he is doing and what he is learning..but what I really want to know is, how did this happen to my boy so fast...

Birthday's are a unique experience for me...any time one of my kids has a birthday I spend the day reflecting on their growth and accomplishments and particularly on how fast time moves.  Kids define the measure of time. With Liam, it seems I waited forever for him to come to us..I've been waiting longer than he had even been a thought to his parents..And then on November 13 in 2009 he arrived.  So much joy. So much thankfulness and most especially, so much love.  He was worth the wait.  Now I am pondering the miracle of four years passing..from this photo that photo did time move so quickly..No longer a baby but now a little boy.  He has ideas of his own and speaks freely about them..he knows what he likes and what he doesn't.  He is good and loving, although sometimes he finds this a bit difficult with his brother as he is becoming more mobile.  Four years old today...and he is still quite amazing to his Papa and Nana..

His love of horses began to appear last year when we were at a Halloween event...they had horses there that went around and around in a circle...tied to a moving pole..Liam marched right up, and got on the biggest one he could find and road around that circle for 4 trips.  We live in an area that is full of horses and we often stop to pet them and talk to them...This summer Liam and I went to our first Polo match together and that sealed the deal for him...I asked around and found out quite by accident that Myopia Hunt Club gave private lessons and so a seed was planted in my head...His Birthday Gift...I was so excited when they told me that they would take him at this young age...and I feel good to know that he is learning from the best and the safest.  And can I say clean, clean, clean stables...I had looked at many before this...not so good.

So Happy Birthday my little love bug...thanks for taking Nana on your journey these past four have taught me so to listen, how to learn, the importance of patience.  You've taught me how to play cars, and how to dress fur babies.  I've learned about bugs and poop and super hero's from you.  You make me laugh and walking with you in conversation is one of my greatest pleasures, holding hands is another gift you give..I especially love that you like to take photo's with my G-10, which you tell me now is yours. Tea time is always special with you, here and at the Wenham Tea House. You've also taught me the joy of giving beyond anything I had ever know...and the sweetest words I hear...that I carry with me each day, is when you spontaneously say..."I love you Nana" to win me over...So win me over you did with your love of horses...enjoy the ride Liam...just like I'm enjoying mine with you....

Before Liam can go riding he has to take care of his horse..Penny...First he gets his brush basket and he knows all the names of the brushes.  Then he has to brush Penny.  Penny loves this part.   

 Next comes cleaning Penny's feet...Liam likes doing this..He scapes out all the sawdust and his instructor told him it looks like a frog in there..He does a great job with the tool.


After all the brushing and cleaning of Penny's comes the blanket and then the saddle...Liam struggles with this...that saddle is pretty heavy, but he carries it to Penny and then gets help tossing it over the horses back...always with a smile.


He has to learn to keep the saddle on and so he gets some help with the buckles...he's pretty good at getting it done up and then of course there is an adjustment made for him.

Then comes Liam's favorite job of getting Penny ready to ride...putting in the bit.   He knows all the words and of the equipment and he knows where they all hang in the barn because when the ride is over he has to reverse all that he has done here and brush Penny again...before leading her back into her stall.

 The time that he most enjoys...riding.  Getting in the ring and learning how to tell Penny what he wants her to do..I am amazed that he is riding English instead of much harder to me but I think, in the end, he will be a better rider because of here he Little Guy..riding like the wind...well not yet, but for sure someday.

It is a lot for a little boy to take in.  It is more work than riding at this point but he does love it so far..and at the end of the riding, it is time to take Penny back inside the stable and clean her up and put her away...Liam happily walks her back...

A beautiful day at the Stables...for Liam and Penny...becoming best friends.



The smell of hay and the stable hound,
The clatter of hooves on the tarmac ground.
The creak of leather supple in the loft,
The neigh of contentment,
The whinning of fright,
The variety of weight, cob, heavy or light,
The colour of horses,
Chestnut , white, black, or bay,
The turning out of ponies after along hard day,
The munching of food, barely, bran, hay and oats,
The pricking ears and the shinning coats,
The sucking of water from the trough so cool,
All these things you find in a RIDING SCHOOL.

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Reader Comments (11)

Way to go Liam! I'm so proud of you! This is my favorite series so far... I was grinning from ear to ear all the way through. I'm thinking being a grandma might not be so bad. That Penny pony is so cute, just remember to never clank the steel bit against her teeth when putting it in or out and feed her a treat at the end...she'll love you forever. I know they don't take to feeding the horses but I always snuck a carrot to my favorite horse without them knowing :) Thanks for bringing me back, Cheryl -- I learned how to ride English first. The Germans didn't have western saddles back then. xo

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMarilyn (aka Cowgirlrightup)

I can't think of a better gift to give a child who loves horses... It is a gift that will keep on giving his whole life. I also love horses & a gift like this would have been just the best thing ever when I was young. So I get it. Wishing you both special times at the stable as he enjoys & grows into his own relationship with horses & riding... One you & he will go off riding together 😀

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGwen

I'm going to read Liam your comments when he comes over on Friday…I want him to know that others care about us and that we have friends all over the world…You to are special…and Marilyn…your comment means the world to me…
Gwen….I totally relate to what you say…I also wish that I could have had the means for lessons when I was little and if I could do it over again…I would of had a horse…Jenna was also able to take lessons when she was little and still likes to ride but it's been awhile…I hope he continues with it and grows to love it…I thought after the first week with so much work to do and really not a lot of riding time he would have given up by now…but he's eager each time he goes…
Someday it would be nice if we three could ride off into the sunset….ah, dreams are so lovely now aren't they…

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercheryl c.

What a wonderful gift. Bob & I rode when young & our kids all had lessons. So much is learned from being around horses. The photos and your writings are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPat Swisher

Maybe I should wait to comment until the tears stop . . .
But fortunately I can type without looking at the keys.
Cheryl, I'm not going to get all gushy here . . .
You know my granddaughters are too far away and that if they were closer,
I'd be walking in your shoes and cowgirl boots.
Oh my . . . I love how you share your love, feelings and experiences through this blog.
It helps ease my pain because there is so much JOY.
Love you more than words can say.

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAntoinette

Thanks Pat. Horses are wonderful to be around. Gentle souls, most of them. I thought I sensed a bit of a cowboy attitude in Bob.

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCheryl

Antoinette...distance does stink but your girls will know how much you loved them by all the gifts you have so lovingly and joyfully made for them. My guess is that when they are grown woman...they will be telling their own children where that lovely Gift came from. I am fortunate that mine are so close. It also makes me feel good to know by sharing my "world". Even in a small way, someday gets it and just goes with the feeling. Thank you for being one of those people. We will meet in January if all works out. I miss seeing you in person. Love and hugs.

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCheryl

Oh Cheryl, this is just the best post! Liam and Penny are meant for each other -- they are the sweetest beings ever. How absolutely wonderful that you had the foresight and love to give him something that will bring so much joy and richness to his life. Your profound love for your grandson is just palpable here. He knows it and it creates a solid foundation for his growth and development. I am so impressed with how seriously he takes this at such a young age. What an amazing child! What an amazing horse! What an amazing set of grandparents! Can you tell I am filled with happiness for all of you?

November 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSherry G.

Thank you so much Sherry for your really beautiful and heartfelt comment on Liam's birthday treat…I hope all you say is true and that someday, he will remember these times that we share…I know it is a fleeting time as he moves on each year to bigger boy things…but maybe, just maybe he'll continue to have this love of horses…and yes, LOL, he is really serious about getting Penny ready to ride…I appreciate your visits and your friendship so much...

November 14, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercheryl c.

I love how birthdays and anniversaries are an opportunity to reflect on how time passes and how so much has happened. We do that a lot over here. Happy birthday to your little luv bug!

November 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterNaomi

Thanks Naomi…enjoy your love bug also…she is so sweet and growing fast.

November 15, 2013 | Unregistered Commentercheryl c.

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