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Separation Anxiety


Bye Nana.....See you next week.

I wonder if when I was a kid if every goodbye brought with it a bit of sadness.   My Dad was in the military and we had lots of good byes that I knew would leave me missing him for a long time.   Is that where it started or is it just a natural part of life?

Once again,  I'm sitting in Maine feeling that bit of sadness that comes when any of my kids are here for an extended time and then leave...We had the best time with Liam for 4 days. Just Jim and I and Liam,  at the Lake, hopefully beginning to build beautiful memories for him in this wonderful space of nature and quiet.Jenna came yesterday so we were able to spend the night and this day with her also..  I told Liam this is my Happy house and that's what I want him to remember about The Maine House...that's what he calls it.  Now that he is almost three he is in wonder of the water and beach.   

I also know that the sadness doesn't last,  it is just a transition period for me.   A way to move from lots of fun and activity into my life here of quiet and just plain doing all the things I love.   So here I am getting back into my routine and hopefully taking time now to read...,  do my homework and relax with a cup of tea and a piece of homemade pie from the Farmer's market this morning.  First though,  I will share a few highlights with you of our time with Lil Man...the best boy ever.

A boy just has to have long summer days to play in the sand and swim at the beach..he loves tossing the sand.

When we are not at the beach we are at Nana and Papa's lake much fun.


Campfires and corn on the cob...

And of course the end of any day at camp is an ice cream cone or a Samoa but tonight ice cream won.

It really was a wonderful week with Lil Man...he is very entertaining.   But just so you know my separation anxiety does not just happen when at the Maine house, it happens whenever I or they leave "home" for an extended period of time.   Sounds crazy,  doesn't last long but I am aware of it.   I don't let it hold me back though from moving on and moving out whenever the spirit moves me.

Ah I hear the tea kettle and my book awaits beside my favorite chair.  The sound of the lake might lull me into a short nap...and then out with hubby for a nice dinner and yes...a glass of wine together..

Life is good at the Maine house...


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Reader Comments (2)

Oh yeah found your blog! Great shot of Liam. Looks like a little slice of heaven there. :) Took care of baby J. in his big boy crib this weekend. So sweet. Talk soon Lisa P.

August 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLisa P

Cheryl, I love this post and now that I have two granddaughters totally understand about building memories. I know how you feel when they leave it is a let down. But the anticipation of seeing them again is always a great thing too! Liz

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLiz

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