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Today as I was working in my  kitchen getting ready for Easter I became very aware of my surroundings.   I was alone for the most part with Jim coming in and out,  driveway door open,  sun streaming in.

What I became very aware of first was the smells.  They caught my attention in a rather pleasant way.  Fresh baked scones,  blueberry for Jenna,  she is allergic to nuts and for the rest of us, maple walnut with figs.  All gluten free because my son can not tolerate gluten.They smelled so yummy and it was difficult for me not to "pick" at them.   I have a very bad habit of picking.  Then on a whisp of wind the smell of sauteed veggies.   Nothing smells as good as olive oil mixed with onions, mushrooms and a host of other colorful garden delights. Breath it in and your almost to heaven.   Keibasi,  my favorite Easter polish sausage, the blend of wonderful spices.   Amazing how smells just draw us in and fill us up.  They make us very aware of the present moment but also of moments and special celebrations of the past.  Easter,  it is here in all it's Glory and I carry on my Mom's traditions as I get ready for our Easter brunch tomorrow.   It was always Easter brunch at Mom's.  We all came and now it is my turn.   I think of her especially at Holiday times because no matter what our circumstances and they were not always prosperous,  she always made the holidays special.

I look around my kitchen,  I see a stem of a beautiful deep purple hyacinth sitting on my window sill,  sun streaming in and lighting it up and sending me it's own special smell, it sings Spring to me.   A pink bouquet sitting on my counter.   I turn and see pastel colored sprinkles on peanut butter cupcakes waiting for Liam to come.  Sprinkles get him every time.   I can see his smile even though he is not in this room.  Macaroon gluten free cookies for Chris,  Fig squares (for me).  Nut free for Jenna.  Luke and Jim eating everything..something for every one.   The Easter Bunny did his job.

I am so aware of my surroundings,  I notice the driveway door is open with Jim coming and going as he works on putting Liam's first tricycle together.  There is a happy flow here in my space,  a sense of peace as I see Gracie laying in the sunlight on her mat waiting for whatever might fall from the counter.  She sleeps in between glimpses of people and drops.  My steady companion always.  

It was then that it occured to me how very Blessed I am in this time of re-newal.  The beauty of spring,  my family close by, dropping in frequently,  growing up with Liam practically next door and the coming of Easter.  I believe in Blessings and the promises the bring.   We are in God's hands and all is well and wonderful.

Happy Easter and Hallelujah...



"Kindness Matters"

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