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Wrapped In Love....

Life takes so many twists and turns.   One day your up,  the next your down.   My month has been like that.   I know that life brings changes and that “there is a season for everything” so I have learned to roll with the punches for the most part.
Sometimes though,  it is good and necessary to stop for a second and realize the big picture.   What your life really means and what you hold to be most important and valuable.   I had a moment like that this past week as two major events collided in my life.
On August 9th I lost one of the best friends that I had.   It was sad and I knew that life had changed for me with Jeannette’s loss.   I knew that I would miss her always but I also knew the gifts she had given me were lasting.
On August 18th,  43 years ago I gained another friend.   We are still together, him and I and as these two events in my life presented themselves to me within a week of each other I was forced to take a deeper look at what this mystery of life is all about.
On March 2,  1962  Jim and I declared our “puppy love” by announcing we were going “steady”.   Seems so funny now.  I don’t believe anyone uses that term anymore.   Going steady at 15 years old and dating for a few months while I was just 14.   Today I think of that as being a baby.   Back then I thought I was all grown up.   I had a lot to learn about life and love.   
Over the years we dated,  broke up,  got back together and then in 1968 we decided to get married.   So young back then,  so naive, so sure we could conquer the world.   We grew into adults together,  learning about life and love from each other as we traveled a rough and rocky road sometimes.   Even in the tough times,  as I look back now,  I know what got us through was that we liked each other,  way before we ever loved each other.   I don’t even think back then we really knew what love was.   Passion maybe,  but not love.   Love grows....just like families and friends and pets.   You have to do the time to get the results.   And you have to do the work...Not saying it was always easy.
From that friendship we grew a family...we had pets we took care of parents,  we lost my brother at a young age and now we have lost two very close friends.   
The good news is that we have wonderful and loving children.   Jenna and Chris are kind and sensitive and caring.  They treat us with great respect and continue to include us in their lives on a regular basis.   When I think of them and how they conduct their lives I am so proud of both of them. A few years back we were lucky enough to adopt another “son”.   Luke came to us through Jenna and he is so easy to love and just fits right into our life like he’s been here forever.  Now we have Liam.....the gift of a lifetime of learning how to love.   There is no learning with him though.   It oozes from him.   He brings sunshine and laughter every time we are with him.   I often ask myself how one tiny little person can breath so much joy day after day.   I don’t have an answer but I do thank God each night for the gift of him.
Jim and I are now in a place in our lives where we are free to choose how to live and where to go. We own two homes, travel whenever we want,  where we want and I must say we have seen some wonderful sights,  mostly though Maine is what draws us and our family.   It is a haven in a beautiful space.   I always say as the years pass,  we live a charmed life.   I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me.   A friendship that started almost 50 years ago has grown into a love affair of a lifetime.   Not many people get to share what we have.   I will tell you it has not always been a party,   there were several “don’t let the door hit you in ass on the way out” days,  but we always managed to work through those.   In the end,  the friendship won out.
So last Thursday as we celebrated our anniversary in Portsmouth,  New Hampshire at a beautiful hotel that Jenna gave us as a gift for Christmas and with both of the kids driving up to meet us for dinner,  I knew that I was wrapped in love.   Love is the greatest gift.   I have been wrapped in it by Jim for all these many years.   My children continue to wrap me in their arms each time we meet and part.   Now Liam puts out his little arms when he feels the need and says “hug” and I bend down to him and he squeezes me tightly.   My dog and my friends let me know each day that I am also wrapped in love with them.   Jeannette will be with me each time I see a white butterfly.   I have learned a lot about love with Jim....and we have moved forward together to hopefully share our love with all who are a part of our world.
Wrapped in feels good and warm and snuggly, like
the new winter coat,   wrapped in a great big box,  on the bed of the hotel room, a surprise. Once again a reminder of Jim’s love for me.   And then I wrapped him in a hug.
August 21, 2011:
Getting to know you throug this journey of your life, makes me so happy for both of you and for your family. You have been blessed and the best part is that you know and appreciate it each day. I wish you all long, happy and healthy trails for many more years.
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 06:23 PM:
Chris Dunham
Oh, that's from me....
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 06:24 PM:
Thanks Chris.   Such a lovely comment.   You have become such a good friend.   Wishing you the best always.   xoxo
Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 04:09 PM
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