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Tea With Liam

A few weeks back Liam had a particularly bad day,  which turned into several bad days.   He got sick quite suddenly and had to go to the hospital for a bit of time and have some nasty old tests.   He was such a brave boy and I think all of us adults felt equally as bad as Liam did.
A week after he came back to my house for his regular routine,   I was trying to think of something fun and exciting for him to do.   Something that might cheer him up as he still had a yukky cold and had not been out much so I knew that we should take a walk and get a bit of fresh air.   Then it hit me,  what makes everything all better.  What lifts the spirit of all who are tired,  troubled or just plain bored.   Why a good cup of tea.
Initially,   I thought he might not like that as he would have to sit still and behave properly so my first thought was to just venture on down to the tea shop and play it by ear.
It was a gorgeous day out and Liam was quite happy to be in his carriage just enjoying the sights and the fresh air.   We stopped to look at the squirrels running in circles very fast.   Then we stopped to smell the flowers.   Lilacs were our favorite and Liam picked a stem to bring home to his Mommy.   It was  a really pleasant walk down and we chatted all the way.
Liam was feeling more like his old self,  happy to go into the tea shop and have a little look around.   As you can see from the photo on the top of the page he checked out a few items,  which were pretty fragile but he was careful and I, along with one of the shop keepers were keeping a good eye out on him.   She was actually driving me nuts.   I think she had to much time on her hands.   
Then I said “what the heck”,  it’s Liam’s snack time and of course I was dying for a cuppa so I thought I would take my chances and I brought him into the tea room.   They gave him a nice chair and we took a seat by the window,  which afforded us a view of the yard with birds in the trees and they absolutely delighted Liam.   Now Liam does love tea,  he has his own mug at my house you know,  but since he was still not 100% I thought he might have his juice,  which we brought with us.   I ordered us a scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam and Lil Man got the sugar cookies in the shape of a tea pot.   When it all came to the table it looked lovely and the tea was just perfect.   Let me tell you when you want to be uplifted,  nourished to your soul and just simply feel civilized have yourself a cup of real  tea.  Oh not one of those tea bags dipped in hot water,  you need loose tea with boiling water from a tea pot, with milk and don’t make it skimmed.  
Of course the scones were wonderful,  cranberry ginger this day and there is nothing nicer than cream and jam in the middle.   I’m always amazed that some folks don’t really know how to eat a scones.   Once a year I have a big tea party at Christmas for all my girlfriends and every year I have to teach one of them (again) how to prepare their scones.   Most of them have the technique down by now.   Liam enjoyed his cookie and had a tiny piece of the scones.   What a wonderful mid-week treat for the two of us.   
Our time at the tea house was well spent.   Liam was the perfect gentleman,  as I knew he would be.   He loved it,  as did I and I am in love with my new tea partner.   Take a date to tea,  you never know,  you might fall in love also.
Here’s to tea and great company.   I’m sure Lil Man and I will be visiting the Wenham Tea House again soon and hopefully for many years to come.   I have taken his Uncle and his Mom here many times.   This is where Jenna had here wedding shower.   It is nice to be able to do this again for another generation.   The tradition continues.
Oh and speaking of falling in love and great company be sure to check out the “Babe” that was at the next table.   Liam was quite interested in her as well as she was in him.......only at the tea house.   Just saying...
Have a pleasant week my friends.


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