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Sunshine, ocean waves and Relaxation. 

Just a quick page today  about our weekend in Cohasset.   Jim and I have been fortunate to have spent time here before but this was the first time our kids have come.
Our wonderful friend Nancy,  once again,  gave us her oceanfront house to enjoy.   She is such a generous person and our love for her has grown over the years,  especially since the  loss of her partner and one of our best friends,  John.   I always say Nancy was John’s final gift to us.
The house is gorgeous and sits right on the ocean in Cohasset.   At night you can see the Boston sky-line to your left and Minot lighthouse to your right.   It is one of the few places where you can see both a sunset and a sunrise just by turning your head.    Waves rock you to sleep at night and the seagulls (which I like) wake you in the morning.   The smell of salt air is the perfume of the day.
I was so glad that Chris,  Jenna and Luke could enjoy this beauty.   It was especially bitter-sweet because we knew it would be our last time there.   Nancy will sell the house soon and move on.   It is time.   For us,  it will always be a place of beautiful memories,  not only for what it is but for what it held in friendship and joy.
Thank you Nancy and John for the gift of lasting friendship that even death cannot take away.
Move on my friends into the life that is now meant for you.   Move on in love and gratitude.   We will find you in your new digs.......xoxo


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