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Happy First Birthday Lil Man

As I sit here and reflect on Liam’s first birthday I really need to go back to the beginning.   One year ago we waited for his arrival.   We thought that was the big event and in it’s own miraculous way it was.   On that day,  in November of 2009 this tiny little boy slipped into our world.   Our world,  mine and Jim’s.   We had no idea on that day how much of an impact he would have on our lives.   How many foot prints he would leave on our hearts and how many “jello kisses” I could squeak out of him.
Today we know him better.   We celebrate his first year.   It seems to have  passed way to quickly.   The baby is still there but the little boy is trying so hard to emerge.   He is no longer totally dependent on us for everything.   If you don’t believe me,  just spend a day with him as he directs you around his world.   He no longer spends his days sleeping peacefully.   As a matter of fact,  some days he doesn’t even have time for sleep.   He’s just way to busy learning about his work.  His work of growing and finding his place in the world.  No more sitting silently either.  He has way to much to say and he hopes you listen but if not,  no worries,  he carries on his own conversation with himself or whatever dog might be there to listen.   You see,  the dogs are his best friends.   And why not,  he entertains them and feeds them bits of his food.   Liam is a great sharer.
Jim and I have been blessed by the generosity of his parents.   I know some would say that they are the blessed ones to have parents that care for their child.   I have heard that over and over again.   From my perspective though,  I am amazed that they give us free reign with their most valuable possession.   Liam is a gift each time he comes for the day.   How lucky are we to rock him, feed him,  hold him and kiss him.   We go for walks and he points out the birds and the leaves and all manner of things that intrigue him.   We might have missed these lovely natural things if not for Liam’s observant eye’s and that great right index finger of his.   He teaches us to slow down and play and go for swing rides.   I even took a ride on the swing myself one day with him in his swing and he went into gales of laughter to see me go High.   How many of us take the time to listen to a child laugh.   It is music to my soul.   
Then he also teaches us that it’s o.k. to cry when your hurt.   It’s o.k. to accept the hug and kiss from someone who reaches out.   You don’t need a lot of words,  you just need a lot of heart.   I take Liam’s lesson of this year out in the world with me.   So yes,  we help Jenna and Luke out but we get back so much more than we put in.  So we thank his parents for their trust in our ability to bring their little boy up in a strong and loving way when they can’t be there.   Sure do wish my back was stronger though.   
Now he is moving and trying to walk and he know words.   Doggie and Dada and ought oh and he knows what they mean and where to use those words.    He know his Papa and his Nana and Gracie, his ball playing friend.   He can use his sippy cup but he doesn’t like it and he walks when you hold his hand.   There is nothing more cute than watching him scoot his butt across the floor going a buck ninety.   No crawling for this boy.   He’s working those abs.   
Yes this little guy is growing and on Saturday I was missing the baby part of him.   The part that liked rocking and snuggling and just being held.   At the same time I looked at him as he ate his first bite of real sugar and saw the relish in his face,  the shear joy of knowing something was special and wondering how he was getting away with this.   I saw how he opened presents with a little friend of his.  I saw his independence starting to emerge as he moved through-out his house on his own power.   So along with my mourning of the little baby he was a year ago I am filled with such excitement to see what the next year will bring.   What new tricks he will teach Papa and me.   It will certainly be a most entertaining year as we moved forward and work with Liam to lead him on his path.
As for me,   I’m just waiting for him to give me real kisses just because he wants to and I know the day he says Nana for real I will melt like a stick of butter.   
Happy Birthday Little One.....You are the joy of your Nana and Papa.
November 15, 2010
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As I sit here and wipe the tears from my eyes, I know exactly what you feel in your heart. I too feel the same things....and I thank God every day for the great gift of Grandchildren. Aren't we just the luckiest people on earth?!
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 10:13 AM


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