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Fall Fun At The Farm


Tuesdays with The Boys..Another Installment...

The sweet smell of fall and little boys faces after eating apples.  The colors of leaves in the piles they jump in and crawl through.  Warm days for being outside.  Pumpkins and pirates and corn mazes for getting lost in. Jumpy houses and falling down and slides...Cider and donuts, orange and brown sprinkles on ice cream. Mostly laughter is what I enjoy when I hear the giggles of these little boys..

We have been experiencing such beautiful fall weather..not even a jacket required during the day...but the leaves are turning and orange is the color of the season...Like most of you..I love fall and all the sights and sounds...and texture..The boys are having so much fun this year...Liam is finding his way through the maze and Jaxson...well, he's learning about the jumping and'm enjoying every single moment of their "season...





So if you get a  chance...stop and smell the'll be glad you did.



Boys and Butterflies

It used to be that I had the boys on Wednesdays, and each week we would go on an adventure or do something special at home.  We still do that, but now Liam is getting so grown up that he has left me for nursery hard for me to wrap my head around how quickly that time has come.   Just seems like yesterday that he was a tiny baby, just rocking away in his swing.  Still, we are fortunate to have the boys one day a week but now it is Tuesday's..Whew a few more years with them together...although the day is different our adventures will continue.

Last week we went to The Butterfly Place...what a wonderful day that was.  Liam loved seeing all the butterflies dancing around, some even landed on his head, which he thought was pretty funny.  Jaxson just delights in being out.  He looks around and takes it all in, not really understanding but not really caring either. To him it's just another adventure...

The beginning of the fall season always has been a marker for how quickly time flies.  It is a reminder for me, and always has been, to keep those things close to my heart that I love.  My kids, projects to be finished, perhaps a few days in the cellar or garage preparing for winter by getting rid of a bit more junk.  It reminds me to not take life for granted...soon my grandbabies will be off to school full time.   I know it happens fast so I'm storing up all of our adventures together...

Fall is a beautiful season..with so much color.  A season to prepare for winter and a season to enjoy the last of all the outdoor brings our picking, walks in the woods, shooting and playing in the leaves.  Soon we will be hundle inside by the fire with blankies and hot chocolate.  For me, those times are special also but not yet.  Each Fall marks another year of growth in those boys and I'm still wanting to play...and keep them small for as long as off to our adventures we go.

A fall day, little boys and butterflies...who could possibly ask for more..

Of course at the end of every amazing adventure the boys are always hungry so it's off to eat we go...their favorite place, if we can find one, is always a diner...our favorite place also, because a diner has a lot of patience with kids, and the food choices are right up their alley...a good grilled cheese, mac and cheese, french fries and chocolate milk..and hopefully a nap on the ride home...


Hanging Out....

At the Polo Field...

I have lived in my town for more than 30 years and I have never been to a Polo match until yesterday...I wish I had gone was such a fun event.  I learned a lot about the sport and I learned that it is not only for the rich and famous.  It's for regular folks like me.   Next time though I must remember to bring my own chair and I was very excited to learn you could bring wine and beer...It might have been my first event but it won't be my last...bring on the sunshine and horses...nothing like the smell of fresh horse...crap...

This girl was my favorite...she was so fast and she had no fear...Polo was described to me as being like soccer but with no goalie...they have to get the ball in the net with their mallet..and when they whack that ball they sometimes tear up the grass.  At half time all of the spectators go out on the field and stamp down the divots

Two teams...I don't know who was playing yesterday but I liked the white had two girls on it...a man told me that most of the Polo Ponies were female and when I asked why he said "because they were willing to take more isn't that the truth.  By the way, although they are called Polo Ponies they are not pony's at all...full size horses but very fast and agile...

Ah, the famous butt braid..and do you know why they braid their tail..well if you do, you know more than I did. I thought it was just for know to make them look pretty..not so.  They braid them so that when they swing that mallet it doesn't get tangled in the tail that makes sense to me...I love how strong and tight their little butts are...actually they are quite big...I have the big part, just not the tight part...very beautiful animals...and so well taken care of.

 Last but not to be left out is my "best buddy Liam...he just loves the horses and it was such a treat for him to move amongst them yesterday and to pat a few..The handlers were great about letting the kids get close and personal. As much as Liam loves the horses...the ice cream truck was a bigger lure.  That boy does like a great ice cream cone and as for me...I just love sound of the "bell".  Not much different than when I was a kid...course then you could get a drum stick for 50 cents...yesterday it cost me $3.00.  It was worth every penny to see the smile on his face.

We had such a great time.  My friend Mary joined us also and it was a wonderful experience for all of us...If you would like to know more about Polo, you can follow the link below...I'm hoping to get there one more time before the season is over. Sometimes we just need to get out there and take advantage of what our own towns have available...I'm so glad I finally investigated this wonderful, regal sport. 

Quick side-bar note...these photo's are not my best for sure.   I could not for the life of me get my camera to auto focus on the spurt mode was a lens that I had used before so I was worried that something had gone wrong with it...A Canon 70-300 L series.  All of these shot were focused manually and that is not easy when horses are flying by.  Called B&H today...come to find card was to slow...well guess, what, I was shooting raw, large files and full frame 5D Mark111.   The guy told me it was like driving a Ferrari with volkswagon parts...who that is one disadvantage to shooting raw...or I could have put in my new 32 gig card super fast card.   On spurt I think jpeg would be fine...I was so frustrated...LOL   Lessons learned.  At least I wasn't on a safari...trying to shot run-a-way that really would have been a bummer.






Summer Vacation...2013

 I've got a's long.  I'll never get it all done but I want to try.  Summer is moving fast and here it is August already and my personal list of projects have been sitting, waiting from me to arrive and rescue them. In rescuing them, I'll be rescuing myself.  I'm pretty much always last on my list.  I've been thinking lately that I want to move me up to the top of that list, at least for the rest of the summer...So until Labor Day I'll be pretty much working on what I love doing in the summer...which is so much more than my computer. The top photo might give you a hint that relaxing and enjoying life's little treats might be in my very near future...hmm, maybe not so many more brownies but certainly a bit of lace and soft prettiness.

 I will spend more time taking photo's outside for love of photography has always been in Nature and so I'll get back to doing more of that..I also plan to really work hard learning some new skills in my classes this summer.   Still life has become a new love of mine..who knew?   The other thing I'm going to do and this is just so I'm starting this month, hopefully tomorrow, to shot in raw.  I must say I'm bit intimated by that process but I think it's time for me to give it an honest try.   It's time to step out of the box and know that I am capable of at least trying..maybe it will move my photography up a notch.  Let's hope so.   I have learned over my many years...nothing is etched in stone and no decision has to be final.   Of course I'd love to find a few photo Buddies to go shooting with...I'm pretty sure I've got that one covered.


They say laughter is good for the soul and the heart.  I have several people in my life that just make me laugh whenever I am with them.  I will surround myself with people that bring joy and laughter to me daily.  Life is full of bad news, pain, and sometimes sickness.  There are things we can't get away from but I think if we try, each day, to find something to smile about and give thanks for all the good we do have, our lives can be full and so can our hearts...Let's call it Heart Therapy and no lessons necessary.   Maybe just really good thoughts.

To be amongst long standing, trustworthy friends is a gift.  I have been so fortunate in my friendships.   I have many longstanding, wonderful Girlfriends that I could not have lived without.   I never had a sister and when I was young I used to feel bad about that but not anymore.   I have "hand picked" the ones that I would call sister and we are closer than most sisters I know.. This summer I will spend more time with them, doing all the things that crazy girlfriends do together..Dina, is one of my longest standing Girlfriends and was the Maid of Honor at my wedding...we have been walking our path together for 50 is such an easy relationship now...her and I do go out every Friday for breakfast and then "thrift store" much fun...but I need to tend the garden of my other friends...being busy is not an excuse this summer...mark the calendar and go...and by the way, this wonderful journey that I am on here on the computer has given me such lovely friends also...some I have met and some I have talked to and some I just see in my streams but they all are woven into my life now and I value each one...and those friends are not all girls...Let's hear it for the men in our circle of Friendship.


On those really hot sunny, summer days..I'm going to be catching a breeze..either riding on the lake in the boat or perhaps on the open road driving my antique car, Stellar, around the small country roads of Maine.   I feel just being outside, with the wind in my hair, rather refreshing and youthful.   I really don't believe in the summer we have to act our age...our age is whatever we feel, on the inside, on any given day.   Of course that's another benefit of being "senior"....we don't give a fig anymore what people think of us...Just so freeing. Catch a breeze however you like...I think Liam has found his own kid, takes after his Nana...


Oh and one of my favorite all time summer treats is "nap taking"..that could be why I have a screened porch on both of my houses...late afternoon, sun going lower in the sky, all is quiet, even the birds.   A gentle breeze carries through the boughs of the hemlock trees and my mind does the dance of summer slumber.   It's not a long nap, perhaps 20 minutes but its the feel of the warm, the openness of the windows and the slight sounds of a hot summer day.   No nap is like a summer nap.   Then there are those rare days,  hot, hot, hot that just beg for the gentle movement of the hammock in the back yard, lakeside.  Have mercy on my gentle soul,  I'm in love with summer naps...

You know, the list goes on and on for me...I want to read a million books before September.   Be up to date on all my classes, learn new things about photography, plan and set up Still Life shots, oh my, I bought some cheese cloth today.  Ideas are running in my head for photo's, light, balance, it's all good right now.  No dark days of winter.   I want to play with my babies, have intelligent and fun conversations with my grown kids. Swim, bake and nest.   Knit sweaters for Christmas gifts and so much can you be bored in this life. Probably the other thing that I should do is give my mind a's always running somewhere...

So I know it all won't get accomplished but I'm going to try to do some of everything so my computer time will be less.. I will keep up my lessons, work on my blog, and in general do only those things that make me feel good and in control.   I will check on you all might not know it but I do love looking and seeing all that you so inspire me to do much more than I ever though possible.  I won't be far away...just behind the sun...watching over all of you and hoping you all accomplish your summer dreams also...

Perhaps if you visit you could leave me a note about a wish you have for yourself for the summer...whatever it is just enjoy the process...

"The beach is not the place to work; read; write or think. I should have remember that from other years.  To warm, to damp, to soft for any mental discipline or sharp flights of spirit. One never learns.  Hopefully one carries down the faded straw bag, lumpy with books, clean paper, long over-due unanswered letters, freshly sharpened pencils, lists and good intentions. The books remain unread, the pencils break their points, the pads rest smooth and unblemished as the cloudless sky. No reading, no writing, no thoughts least not at first.  At first..the tired body takes   over completely."  Gifts from the Sea..Anne Morrow Lindbergh



Wednesdays With The Boys..He Not Heavy, He's My Brother


Here in New England we are experiencing one of the hottest summer that I can ever remember.  I don't dare to complain to much because we complain all winter about the cold and the snow so when summer hits, I just like to enjoy it and endure it, however I can.  One of the ways to do that is to go to the beach.  What better way to enjoy the beach than to take my two little guys along for the ride.

I was over at the Cafe this morning and this weeks lesson for BB is to go on a scavenger hunt and post some photo's of what we find. Since it was just yesterday that we were at the beach, and one of the photo's that Kim posted was of someone she loved, I thought I would do the same. I sure do love my boys and so another episode of Wednesday With the Boys came to mind...

Wednesdays is my favorite day of the week.  They boys come early and we always have breakfast together. Nana, Papa, Liam and now Jaxson joins us at the table..everyone eats something different, that's just how we roll around here on a Wednesday. After breakfast off to an adventure....every week.

When I was a small girl I lived 5 minutes from the beach.  Back in the day, I would pack myself a lunch, get an old sheet or blanket, grab my doll and head for the beach. My Mom worked and my Grandmother took care of us 4 kids.  She never asked when I would be back, I never had a life jacket, and lots of times I would go by myself and usually see whoever was there.   When I got bored or the tide was to far out, I would come home, safe and sound.

Yesterday when I told Liam that we were going to the beach he said "I'm excited Nana, I haven't been to the beach in a long time".  Didn't take much to get him moving and he even helped with the packing.  While him and Papa were in the shed getting soooo many beach toys, I was making the lunch..again, something different for everyone.  As I was making the lunch I was reminded of my childhood days and how much I loved the summer and the sea.  It was always a wonderful day and still brings back lovely memories.  I'm always hoping to make those memories for my Grandkids..

Time to load up the car and I have to tell you,  when I went to the beach, I walked.  I had to carry whatever it was I was taking.  No cooler back then, brown paper bag.  No sand chair, maybe a towel if I could sneak it out of the house.  No life jacket, no blanket to speak of and no phone, and no change of wore your bathing suit down and you wore it back.  When I got done packing yesterday the back of my car was jammed, we even had a sled in there for Jaxson...he eats the sand, so I was going to keep him off of it, and it worked for the most part....

It was a beautiful, sunny day, warm.  The kind of day that begs being outside.  The kind of day that says, stay in the moment and enjoy.  No reading, no napping, just playing with my boys.  It was easy to see that they loved it also.  Oh I take back the napping part, Jaxson fell asleep on the way over and anyone who knows Jaxson is aware if he falls asleep...leave him alone. Liam, on the other hand, is roaring to go, in a hundred directions all at once.  He keeps Papa on his toes all the time.  So they commenced with castle building, trying to catch little fish in Liam's net.  They swam and found a frog and dug big holes.   Then when Jaxson woke up and had a snack, Liam and Papa took him in the water in his sled around the waters edge.   Then Liam decided to pull him in the sand.  Jaxson, in all his naked baby beauty, held onto the sides and enjoyed every moment, laughing at this brother and his Papa...and yes a few times, when I took him in the water and we sat to play, he did get some sand for dessert...

Life is what we make it some need to find the joy and go after it.   These boys will be grown up faster than the sand drifting in and out on the tide.  I know this because I know how fast my own kids grew up.  All that we can give them is wonderful and lasting memories of their childhood.  Summer is for fun, especially for kids.   It should be full of beach trips, sand digging, building castles and yes, tons and tons of ice cream at the end of the day.  Running outside, enjoying nature, finding and losing your favorite frog all in a matter of a minute.  Naked babies and bounding boys...that's what summer was for me yesterday..and I loved every moment of it.   Yes, I'm hoping to be building special memories for Liam and jaxson...but guess what, I'm building them for myself also and in the process I get to live in the memories of my own childhood and in the memories of summer fun with my kids.   I am blessed to have these two boys not 5 minutes from my house and to also have them every Wednesday...Wednesday with the Boys is the Best.

So that's how my scavenger hunt started...I started with "someone you love"...and I promise during the rest of the week I'll go out and hopefully find some other great treasures..but If I don't, the Treasures I found yesterday will last me a life time.