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Simple Things


Simple things..and a simple post.  I love simple things, neat and orderly. Because I love it does not always mean that's the way it is...but in some parts of my house I can achieve this. One place is my downstairs bathroom.

A few years ago my son did the entire room over, start to finish, just like this lesson.  Walls went out, bead board came in.  New everything, and best of all white with a bit of grey.  I just love this space.  I found a big porcelain white sink, with hugh chunky legs.  Awesome.  On the sink I keep this favorite photo of my daughter from our trip to London, my favorite hand cream and always a little flower of some sort.  The floor is white tile with just a speck of light grey running through it and all the photo's are my own, done in black and white.

It is a small space but it is a space that I love...just to go in and look at...and while I'm there, perhaps a bit of hand lotion just for the smell of it.

Happy Weekend...enjoy your own special things...


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