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A Papa, An Uncle and A Dad...

My Grandson's are the luckiest boys on the planet...they are so loved by so many.  They will grow up to be confident, kind, caring adults because of the loving men in their lives...A Papa, an Unlce and their Dad.

I never had the kind of love growing up that these two boys are receiving but it's always something that I wanted as a little girl...who doesn't want to be Daddy's girl...or boy, for that matter...So it is especially heart warming for me to witness what should have been and to know that all children deserve the love and respect of those adults in their the end, it was o.k. for me.   My Dad and I were given enough time to sort out the past and grow to love each other in a very special way as adults...

Oh but for these boys..A Papa..who thinks the sun rises and sets on his little buddies.  When they are together there are not many rules but lots of "is that a good idea Papa"...and of course, the answer is always"yes Liam that's a great idea"...they go hand in hand down the street or in the park..they have workshop project to do in the cellar.  They have cars to play in Liam and Jaxson's toy room at our house...but everyday that it's Nana/Papa day, first they have to have is their breakfast together...yes,  Papa gets breakfast time and Nana gets tea time..don't mix it up...Today on Father's Day...Liam was made first Mate of Papa's boat at the lake..and Liam is taking the job quit seriously...another Papa and Liam adventure in the works...Jaxson, not to be undone is working his way slowly into Papa life but more quickly into Papa's heart.  It's going to be fun watching them create their own adventures very soon.


Then there is Uncle took Liam a long while to be able to say "Uncle Chris"...but he's got it now and the house rings all day the meditation bell with the sound of Liam's voice calling to his Uncle...this weekend they had a wonderful time together...putting up Liam's new tent, and driving the boat together.  Lots of silliness when Uncle Chris and Liam are gather..I think Uncle Chris turns into a 3 year old again as they hoot and holler for each other..out the windows and up and down the street...Liam gets to ride on his Uncle shoulders as we walk downtown and of course they share some serious is a very lively place when those two are share space, sometimes I have to tell them both to quiet down...The love is so obvious and Uncle Chris is a training needed.  Jaxson has already figured out how to work his way into this tight knit twosome...he just smiles that smile that says..."pick me up Uncle Chris"  and so it happens..


Most of all though, is a love so deep and strong that everyone can feel it who is near...the Boys have such a kind,  loving and dedicated father...the kind of father that all kids deserve...I have witnessed this bonding for 3 years now and I see how Jenna and Luke work together to make the boys the priority that they should be...Luke is so gentle and loving, yet just firm enough to have well behaved boys that you really can take out in public...The holding and feeding and changing are part of Luke's is, playing and carrying and book reading and explaining...he dresses them and feeds them and can manage the house when Mom's not there. He takes time for them and shares his affection for them time and again...Liam thinks his Dad is the best thing since sliced bread and he follows him everywhere...and now he quotes what his Dad says to him, to,  if my Dad says it,  it has to be true...Jaxson is powerful in big Daddies arms..even though right now he is a Mommys boy...he'll come around just like his big brother...Daddy is Top Dog..the kind of Daddy every child should have...

For me,  I get the gift of watching them grown in the love and light of the men in their wonderful it makes me know that they are cared for and loved so deeply.   I can't imagine how that feels but I do know that I like what it looks like and I know how sweet my house hums along when all these boys are together with Jenna and I...not only on Father's Day...but everyday...

Happy Father's Day to all the Men who mentor their children and other children don't have to be a Father to be pretty special...Uncle's and friends, are special to...all you really need to do is share the Love..

“My father didn't tell me how to live;
he lived, and let me watch him do it” 
― Clarence Budington Kelland



Don't Judge A Bird By His Song

I grew up with the ocean at my back door...and although now, I'm not quite that close,  I'm still within the sounds and sights of the "mighty annoying seagulls.."  My son, on the other hand shares space with them now, in the fishing village of Gloucester Mass.  Anyone that knows anything about seagulls knows it's the ocean for them..why not,  such great fishing there,  and when they are not fishing,  they are squawking..all the time.

I saw a different and usual side of them this spring, and I was once again reminded about my ability to judge before observing and knowing the trials and tribulations of another person or in this case,  another bird. I was visiting my son recently and he has a great view of the ocean from his third story apartment in the heart of downtown Gloucester...I often look out his window when I'm there and watch as the boats come and go with their catch, on a nice day,  with the windows open, you also are entertained with the smell of the sea and the squawking of the damn seagulls...this day though, I was in for a surprise and a lesson.

Chris keeps his rocking chair in front of the window sometimes when he is reading. He often finds it quite lovely as he sits there to enjoy the view every once in awhile.  Today it was my turn to sit in the chair while I was waiting for him..."and what to my wondrous eyes should appear but a Mother Seagull getting prepared." She was nesting and watching and keeping good eye..because the only place that she had for her nest, was a heating unit on the top of a building,  she was completely out in the open, with nothing for shelter.  Quite vulnerable to any raptor that might come along...

I watched her for a long time..I looked at her face up close.  How could I, in all my years, have missed her beauty. Beautiful orange beak,  bright red rimmed eye, and snow white feathers.  I saw her nest, carefully and lovingly put together, strand by strand of sea grass.  I watched her watch the environment of where she was..keeping a close eye on her surroundings.  There were several other birds on the top of that building but they were not approaching occurred to me in that moment, that she is just like any other Mom...she just wants to protect her unborn babies with all the energy and preparation that she can muster.  Her first concern is not for herself but for the eggs that she sits on.  She waits, like all Mothers, for the day that she sets her "Chicks" free.

 Out of the corner of my eye..I see this other seagull, the one who hadn't moved,  start walking around the back of the chimney...he looked like a detective on surveillance.   Strange looking bird.   I wasn't sure of his intent to that nest.  Again, I was surprised.

It seemed Momma Seagull needed a break but she would not leave that nest,  that is, not until Papa Bird got his tail feathers around the chimney and the minute Mama Bird got up and ruffled her feathers a few times, then flew away...Papa Bird was on that nest like a fly on rice.  He went into his "I'm here dance" and once he got all his feathers in place and his wings tucked in,  down he sat...can I just tell you my heart felt good.   When I saw that Mother bird take off,  my anxiety level went up as I thought about those unprotected eggs up on a roof top..another lesson learned about nature..somebody is always watching over the babies.

As I watched this scene play out I learned once again that things, people and now birds,  are not as they seem. Yes, the color of a book can be pretty but that does not always make for good reading.  A person can appear to us in many different ways and we form ideas and make judgements sometimes without even having spoken to this person.   If we take the time to speak, we most often like who we meet and many good things can come from that chance encounter.   Now,  I know it's the same for birds, at least for me.   For all my many years I have judge this beautiful seagull.  I thought of them as annoying, loud, crass and nasty.   Gee, that sounds like some people I know, but in the end, on this one day, I found them quite beautiful, loving and not so different then us when taking care of those that they love.   Building a solid foundation for the next generation of seagulls to entertain us.  In watching them, I also saw the danger of their jobs to on a roof top is not an easy task...but you know,  how sweet home...they were making it next time you see a Seagull...don't judge...just toss them a french fry...maybe they have a baby they want to take it home to.


“When we are judging everything, we are learning nothing.” 
― Steve MaraboliLife, the Truth, and Being Free


Wednesdays With The Boys

Tuesdays and Wednesday are my favorite days of the week...I am also fortunate to love Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...but Tuesday and Wednesday are the days my boys come...

Being a Grandmother is one of life's really great Blessings...a big one.   I have been fortunate to have had Liam for a good bit of time over his three years.   Now we are blessed with Jaxson on himself...such wonderful bonding happening there and both boys come on Wednesdays. What a whirlwind day that is.   Just so much fun..I thought it might be fun to share with all of you what a Wednesday with the boys looks like from time to here goes.


After the boys arrive at about 8:30, Liam likes to play for a bit and then we have breakfast...quite an ordeal right there.  One's flinging pasty oatmeal while the other one wants to whip up a Mango shake...Jim and I drink and grab as best we can...Then this week it was off to Gloucester to visit Uncle was such a beautiful day that I took the boys for a walk downtown and along Main St... a Teddy Bear tea party was in progress so Liam and Jaxson joined in...


Next on the agenda was meeting Uncle Chris at the shoe store...Liam got some new sneakers and they are really fast that we couldn't even get an in focus photo of him...Jaxson, well he's not into shoes just yet...he finds relaxing in his carriage barefoot a much more pleasant experience..and Uncle Chris loves being with the boys but thinks I spend to much money on them.   I asked him if he would like a new pair of sandals but he told me he already had a pair..two pairs would confuse him...


After leaving Uncle Chris we decided to go to the park because it was such a nice day...They both love to swing and it was a rare treat to get Liam to share the swing with his little brother...This particular park is right on the ocean and there is so much for the kids to do here...

As you can see the "little one" really enjoyed himself...all that salty air and the gentle sway of the swing, wrapped up in his warm blankey put him right out...whew...Nana was also getting tired.

We finally got Liam out of the park and headed home... While we were gone the guys came to turn on the heads to our sprinkler system...and Little Mister Energy got himself under those sprinklers before I could even get his brother out of the car...yup...completely soaked...and from the look on his face, loving every minute of it...I had to laugh at this...but I was thinking later, if this had been one of my kids,  many years ago,  I might have been slightly annoyed...There in lies the beauty of Grandparenting...I enjoyed watching him have so much fun...

Then it comes...the end of another perfect day with these "loves of mine"...yes they do take time away from all the other things I might have to do...and I am usually exhausted at the end of the day..but I would not trade one second of my time with see, as a Grandmother,  I know how fleeting these young years are and I am so thankful for the gift of having them so close by, to watch them grow and learn and love...they are my diamonds in the rough these little boys...and I love them "to the Moon and Back...

Last photo...first time ever...Liam wanting to sit on the steps to wait "for my Mom"...he's already growing up...

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