So Now You're Four
Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 02:00PM
Cheryl Crotty

Are you sure about that Nana...

Dear Jaxson, I'm writing this early so that you can read it on your birthday next week.  We had your party last Sunday because Papa and I are going to be away on our Mission trip on your real birthday.   So on that day, this will be my gift to you.  You'll have to get Mommy to read it to you...perhaps while your tucked into bed after so much fun with your little friends. That is something that happen this year, you didn't have to many little friends before but now you have lots of them.  Slowly, you will move away, just like Liam did.  Oh I know he still loves me and that him and I are still best friends...and I know also, that you will love me because you and I are best Bud's.  I'm so grateful to have the two of you to teach me all the new things that I'll need to know...even just this past year you have taught me and Papa so much..mostly when we are driving in the car.  Why just this week, you told me that I couldn't look at your YouTube video because "it's not for girls"...I see.  A special YouTube video just for boys...I think you might have tricked me there just by the look on your face...I'm really wondering if it was "not for small boys"..but that's o.k.  Tricks work Jaxson...let's check out all the cool stuff that you learned this year, especially on Tuesday's with Nana and Papa.


Oh look at you with your cowboy apron on.  Your learning how to cook, although this day you were just whipping up some chocolate pudding for you and Liam.  I like spending time with you in the kitchen and your treats are always delicious.   Your always so happy to run to Liam when he comes in and to show you what you made for tea time...I think tea time is a favorite part of the day for both of you at Nana's house.  I know I love it best also...

Your first friend, after me of course, was Gracie.  When you would go to watch Liam play sports you would always take Gracie for a walk..I think both of you were practicing, you learning to walk her and Her learning to trust you..but now, she goes with you all the time. Such a good job there Jaxson.  Maybe soon she'll trust you enough to have a sleep-over at your house when Nana and Papa travel...but hmmm, not just yet.

Where are you Jaxson...oh, there you are.  Under the water.  This is your second year of swim lessons and you have learned so much this year.  Really big stuff, like floating and jumping way into the water, trying to get your feet to touch the bottom. We go every Tuesday in the morning before we go off to our adventure for the day..Your so brave..and not at all afraid of getting your face wet.  Just a few weeks ago, you jumped off the big block next to the diving board...I know, you tell me every week as you point to it, "I'm not jumping off that"'s o.k Jaxson...jumping off the block was huge and I'm so proud of you because I know it was scary for you...but the smile when you came, wish I had my camera for that shot.

You are a wiz at the I-phone and I-pad.  Well, enough said about that.  The really important lesson that you've learned about them though is ...when your asked to shut them off, you always do and you know that you can't have them at dinner or snack time because that time is for conversation.  Oh my, wouldn't it be so sad if you didn't know how to power down and we never got to have conversation.  One of my most favorite things to do with you this year was to have conversation. Guess why, because you not only use your words but you use your hands and your eyes..and you make these really great expressions that send me and Papa into gales of thanks, Buddy, for always tuning out so you can tune in to us...but I have to admit..your very good at what you do with that thing...

Now this was a really fun gave Papa a run for his learned to keep your kite in the air..what a great told me it only works..."if you run really fast Nana"...well I knew right there that this would be a Papa job.  How come you never get tired Jaxson...and you love being outside.  I am so happy about even know what it's called..."being with Mother Nature" just  rolls off your tongue.  We are just walking along and you look up at me with those sweet blue eyes and glasses and say, "love Mother Nature Nana, don't you".  Yes, Jaxson I do.  Thanks for all the Mother Nature days and sightings.  Here's some other outside events that you love.

Riding on the big boat in Maine...I think maybe this year you will be able to drive boy.

Just doing your thing, whatever it is, in the front yard.  According to you a sunny day is great for an umbrella.

Playing a game with Liam outside on the deck in St. Maarten.  I love how you love each other...that makes my heart sing.


"Here it comes Nana...can you hear the bell"

Waiting for the train to go into Boston...You and Liam love going to the Rose Kennedy parkway.

When no one else is around.. Gracie is called into service.  Now that you are best friends, she loves going riding with you in your tractor...NOT...she goes but only up the road and back.  She's such a good pal. Your outside adventures are many but there is one that really sticks out for me...and makes me roll with laughter..and by the way Jaxson, you and Liam make me laugh so much.  Thank you for that.



Going to the Willows is what you like to do now...the beach for funning and playing in the sand and big trees to learn about tree climbing.  I don't think Papa trust you just yet to get down by yourself but I bet next year you won't have a problem with that.  You know what I like best, no matter what your doing, you always do it with a smile on your face...Oh, I almost forgot, you love the pizza and the ice cream at the Willows also..Your a smart boy about that popcorn..delicious..


Oh my gosh, this was so big...what you did this year.  Just a few short weeks ago, you graduated from the red room.  Next year you go to the blue room and you'll go to pre-school everyday.  What a smart boy your are...I'm thinking your could have charmed your way there also..such a big smile..I know, your waving at were pretty proud of yourself and wanted to share that...great job little Buddy...way to go.


At the end of the day Jaxson, you will grow.  I can't stop it, but I wouldn't mind freezing you at 3.  You have given Papa and I the best times this year.  You make us laugh, you make us proud.  We know your journey and you continue to amaze and bring joy and learning into our lives.  If, in the next few years, as you go, try not to change to much.  You have such a wonderful personality and you have never had a problem being just you.  That is so much a part of your charm.  Do you see that scary guy at the Mall...that was you just two days ago..and you had no problem believing that you were from Star Wars...keep that magic for as long as you can.  Also, when things are "lame and boring", don't be afraid to speak out.  Don't give in, you haven't yet, don't start now...And as you travel along the train tracks of life...keep looking outside, there is a great big world out there waiting for you, my Buddy.  Keep on moving on. Lastly, at the end of the day, remember to have your cup of tea and a treat.  Sit quietly and enjoy it. Resting is good. I hope you will always love tea, just like you do right now. I hope we have helped to teach you about great adventures, being with Mother Nature and sharing conversations.  All those things will make your life so wonderful and full of joy, the same kind of wonderful that you have given to us these past four years...and sometimes...Jaxson, as you grow, remember to reflect on all your fun times.  And whatever you do, just keep talking like you were born in the North End...even if you were born in downtown Boston...

Love you Little Buddy...bring on four...what are you going to teach me next...

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