A Little Bit Of Sunshine And Warmth
Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 03:58PM
Cheryl Crotty

We had a snowstorm yesterday.  It wasn't suppose to be much but it was enough to chill me to the bones and make St. Maarten a distant memory.  I thought perhaps some of you might need a bit of a snuggle and some warmth and sunshine where you are, so, I brought St. Maarten to you and me...Sit back and enjoy the flight...and feel the warmth...and get in the summer SPIRIT.  Some things you'll see on the Island...more to come later.



There now, aren't you feeling warmer already.  Spring will be here before you know it but sorry to say it will never be as warm here as it is in the Caribbean.  It's what makes it unique.

I only brought one camera this time..3 lenses.  The camera was my little Fuji X-E2.  I also bought a new 60mm macro lens to bring along with me.  Sorry to say, I only used it one an that was for the last two flowers that you see.  All the other photo's were taken with the 18-135.  This camera is small, light weight and very easy to carry around.  I do love my Canon camera's and lenses but honestly, the weight on a long trip is to much.  So with a bit more practice here, I'm going to love taking Fuji for long walks.  The Fuji color is amazing.  Just like the old film that we all used to use.  

Thanks for stopping by.  It's always such a pleasure to see you here.  

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