Gifts from the Heart
Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 07:22PM
Cheryl Crotty

Sometimes in this crazy scheme of life, it gets busy.  Months move on so fast I can barely keep up sometimes.  Then I'll be roaming through my Lightroom photo's and a photo jumps out at me that I really had wanted to put up.  This is one of those photo's.  So, before I completely move on to Spring, I'm going to go back to Christmas, just for a moment.

We have a tradition at my house.  Most of the gifts are either handmade or what we call "time spent".  Each of us have our own talents that end up under the tree each year.  "Time spent" are always wonderful adventures to either an event, a restaurant or a mini vacation.  The giver and the receiver are the only ones who share in that adventure.  We have all been to wonderful places, eaten in restaurants that we didn't know about until the gift and we have visited some unique places.  This year was extra special because we saw the making of handmade gifts spreading, the boys were catching on.

I wanted to share one of my most favorite gifts of all time...shhh, don't let the others hear about this. Although all my gifts are personal and special..this one really touched my heart, for many reasons, not least of which was, to see the tradition taking shape by little hands.

The teapot and cup above is my very first handmade gift from Liam.  His Mom framed it for him and he saved it for me.  Liam takes art lessons on Wednesday afternoons.  He loves it and I have seen many of his creation framed and hanging on the walls of his house.  Now I had one to hang on the wall in my kitchen. The other thing that makes it special is that he made it last year in art class when he was 5 years old.  He saved it for quite a few months, without saying a word, so he could surprise me with it at Christmas.  That's amazing because Liam is not a good secret keeper.  His excited usually wins out.  I honestly was shocked when I opened that gift. So much pride on his face as he handed it to me. So much love in the doing of it.  He knows me well.  We have spent lots of time sharing tea, him and I and it was the perfect gift.  I love that he is beginning to know how to touch someone's heart.  I also know how important it is to little children to be appreciated.  To know that their work and effort matter.  It didn't take me long to hang that painting in my kitchen.  He smiled big the first time he came and saw it on the wall.  He knows how special both him and the painting are.


My friend Jaxson, not to be outdone, is starting on his journey to being creative...and this was his gift to his Mom.  Keeping with the glasses theme, which totally cracked all of us up, he made this 3 dimensional "snowman"...He is quite proud of him and the snowman is also hanging on the wall at his house.  It really warms my heart to see the boys starting to really enjoy working with their hands.  They are having the opportunity to try different things and hopefully something will stick for them. I think they are off to a very good start.

One more from my other favorite guy...Jim.  Jenna has a golden retriever that she loves so much.  You've probably seen Riley on my pages a few times.  He is getting up there in age and Jim wanted her to have a woodcarving of her "furry guy" her gift from her Dad was this intricate carving of Riley.  Can I just say tears were thank you enough.  Honestly, it's crazy how much that carving looks like Riley.  He is also now hanging on the wall in her house.

There were many more lovely gifts that day...I always love the Time Spent gifts.  They are the gifts that keep on giving all year long.  

Gifts from the heart are what makes the holidays so special at our house.  It's not that we don't buy gifts also and that we don't spoil the boys like crazy but it's those gifts from the heart that will have lasting memories.  To see it being passed down and to know the excitement that the boys enjoy both in giving and in receiving is the true magic of Christmas.  

As for me, I get to look at my Teapot and Cup everytime I'm in the kicthen.  I just love it so much.

As a side note...all the photo's here were in an art show at our church...just so you know..those walls are not part of my home decor...

What is a favorite Christmas tradition at your house...I'd love to know what warms your heart.

Now moving on to Spring...except I heard we will be getting snow on Sunday...Life in New England...


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