A New Macro for some Flower Power
Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 03:37PM
Cheryl Crotty

The latest camera that I've been toting around is my little Fuji X-E2. I'm really having a lot of fun with it.  It was the only camera that I took to St. Maarten with me this year.  I was a bit worried that it wouldn't do the job because my Canon's are such a huge part of what I love about shooting.  They are getting heavy though and with all the restrictions on luggage now, I just thought the time was right to try something small. Having said that, I wanted a camera that gave me the ability to switch lenses.  

So, right before leaving, I bought the 60mm Macro lens by Fuji.  I was going to do flowers and portraits of my grandsons but as things go, I took two flower shots with the 60mm (you can see those in the previous blog post) and no portraits of the kids.   Shame on me.  Let me just say, it was the craziest vacation ever. So the lovely little lens never got used.

Yesterday I was walking by my bay window in my house when I saw such gorgeous light streaming in and hitting these orchids perfectly...my brain went into gear and I ran to get my Fuji friend.  Popped on the 60mm Macro and I started shooting.  The lens does have a bit of a learning curve.  When I shoot in macro I like to manually focus as it allows me to get a bit closer,  which I did, but for the life of me, I could not figure out why the camera does not tell me it's in focus.  My eyes are not what they once were and to have to depend on them was a challenge.  These are the shots I got, which for the first time using the lens, I happy with them.  I will continue to research looking for the in focus beeper that I love and need.  I was forced to think and work outside of the box on this little shoot but I'm just going to keep on keeping on...

It is flower season finally, and that makes me happy...Here's to more toys, more challenges, more learning and more fun...enjoy...spring is on it's way.

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