The Peace of Christmas
Friday, December 23, 2016 at 03:02PM
Cheryl Crotty

In our joy, we think we hear a whisper.

At first it is too soft. Then only half heard.

We listen carefully as it gathers strength.

We hear a sweetness. The word is Peace.

We tremble at the sound. We are thrilled by its presence.

It is what we have hungered for.

Not just the absence of war. But true Peace.

A harmony of spirit, a comfort of courtesies.

Security for our beloveds and their beloveds.

We welcome the Peace of Christmas.  

Maya Angelou


A huge thank you to all of you who stopped by this year to comment and visit, to cheer me up and on, who help me find my way on days when I let doubt in.  I have the best cheerleaders here.  You are all so appreciated and loved in this space...the space that we share back and forth...Merry Christmas to all of you and yours...and a very healthy, happy and loving New Year full of great adventures...Peace my all that you choose to do.  

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