Dina And Me..Friday's
Friday, July 31, 2015 at 01:46PM
Cheryl Crotty

No my friend Dina does not have a new friend.  I know I've been neglecting here these past few Friday's but that always happens in the summer...She's good with that.  She knows I'm in Maine and next week she will be here with me.  We are going to Boothbay for a few nights to visit the most beautiful Botanical Gardens.. 

I miss Dina when we don't have our regular routine..she is fun to be with and I can rant to her about every thing and she's pretty good at ranting back...so here it is Friday and I'm thinking of her so I thought I would post our last adventure in June. Oh, I've seen her since then but we just went to breakfast.  No adventure that day...but this day was fun..

That is Dina and Julie.  Julie is the manager at our favorite breakfast spot.  The Wenham Tea House.  So civilized there. Tablecloths, real linen.  Fresh flowers.  Tea made with tea leaves..so good, but mostly we love it because its quiet and they have excellent food and the people...oh my, so nice.  We love Julie.  She takes very good care of us.  Somehow though she always seats us in the corner...hmm, I wonder about that. 

Now Julie is on the other side of the camera.  She did a great job for someone who doesn't really do photography but being that she is a creative, not surprising.  Look at how nice the tea shop is decorated, yes, Julie does that as well as take care of us. Dina and I usually pick up a few things here if we need a small but special gift.  Best of all, they sell my photo cards here...bonus.

So of course, always after breakfast, we hit the shops.  Sometimes we don't want anyone to know we are out shopping AGAIN, so we go in disguise.  Do you think anyone would find this strange, maybe, but not from us.  Actually we like consignment stores and this is what we found on this day.  We played around a bit, yes another store where everyone knows our name..so of course, they were happy to take a snap.. her and I laugh at ourselves.  She's the best kind of friend.  With us it's always, whatever.  We are old enough now to just go out and have fun and not worry about what others think of us. We talk to everyone who comes our way, we laugh at ourselves and we do exactly whatever we want on our Friday adventures...everyone needs a good friend like that.  Like anything else though, it takes years to grow such a beautiful friendship.  A lot of give and take..and lot of tears and laughter and life experiences.  In the end, like any great connection, it is all about caring.  We care about one another...so for Dina and I.  I hope we have many more years to raise hell and to raise a few eyebrows when we are out there on the loose on Fridays. Life simply wouldn't be very colorful without her.

July was a difficult month for me...I am glad to see it take a hike. I will also be glad to share the month of August with Dina.  I know she understands me and will life my spirits.  So wherever she is today I bet when it came time for breakfast she was thinking about me...just like I was thinking of her today..


Each friend represents a world in us,

a world possibly not born until they arrive,

and it is only by this  meeting

that a new world is born.

-Anais Nin


All Friday Photo's are taken with the I-Phone 6 plus...

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