Once Again for Be Still
Monday, May 18, 2015 at 07:36PM
Cheryl Crotty

 I first posted this image on Flickr in June of 2014.  It was a side-lighting lesson for my Be Still 52 class...we are now on week 49 and this weeks lesson was to go back and look at our Be Still photo's from the past year and share one.  We were also asked to give a meaning of what being still means to us...For me, it is quite simple, time alone with peace and quiet and my thoughts or perhaps no thoughts.  I get my be still moments in nature, a walk in the woods, a day by the sea, time in our house in Maine with so much quiet, I can hear it.  Resting under a tree, listening to the birds sing and most assuredly, in my meditation class.

We all have our own time and our own ways of being still.  In the busyness of life, I hope you can find your way to some quiet time and space, giving thanks for all the gifts we receive each day.  I will always be thankful for this year of classes in Be Still with Kim Klassen.  I have learned to slow down, to see with a photographes eye, to edit with care and creativness.  To be a still life photographer, one has to learn first to Be Still.  

Processed in Lightroom and then I took it into Photoshop for texture and type...One layer of KK Simple at 34 % with soft light, and then a layer of KK Waterfront 1 at Multiply at 51%...

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