A New Toy
Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 08:40PM
Cheryl Crotty

No, I didn't buy myself a new plane while on vacation but I did have lots of fun shooting them...and for the first time ever, since my Kodak Brownie, I bought myself a new camera that is not a Canon...Don't get me wrong, I love my Canon's but I'm really starting to fall in love with my new Fuji XE-2 mirrorless camera. It seemed to me that St. Maarten was the perfect place to take it for a test drive...so off we flew together, with the manual tucked away, ready for studying.

Upon arriving it took me several days to figure it all out to my liking. There was definitely a learning curve, so I knew I would have to use it a lot to remember where all the buttons were so I could find them quickly when I needed them. I was off and running to see what I could capture, with one small camera and one lens. Not so much writing this time, I just want to share some of the photo's from this camera and the 18-55 lens that came with me. The photo above was captured during take-off, out over the ocean, late afternoon.

 A little macro work....because I love flowers.

 A shot of the Lagoon from my favorite French Cafe..early morning.

Jenna and Jaxson walking my favorite beach...Grand Case..Midday

Lovely light and color on the beach at Philipsburg..almost dusk.

People in the beautiful late afternoon light..psst that Jim checking things out.

Black and white mailboxes...just because I liked them...they tell their own story.

Ah, my favorite new restaurant... how about some nice dof..indoor, night, no flash..

Jaxson said "hug" to Liam..and they did...indoors, no flash.

Philipsburg...sun is setting.  Another perfect day.

All photo's were edited in LR...no presets or textures. Actually the light is so good in the Caribbean that very little editing is needed...I was really quite pleased with the camera in that the photo's were consistently sharp and the color in this camera is amazing. The little 18-55 did a great job for me...in the future, if I decide to keep working with it, I would probably add a portrait lens.  I choose Aperture priority for my shooting mode this first time out...as I move forward I hope to become more familiar with manual mode but for right now I'm loving this little lightweight buddy...

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