Autumn Reflections
Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 12:11PM
Cheryl Crotty

Fall always has a way of sneaking up on me.  It's summer and warm and for the most part life is good.  Little by little though Autumn is working its way into my heart.   This year was no different or was it?

Most men, when they reach the age of their mid-life crisis..oh yes, they do have one, they usually want a big red sports car or an exotic vacation. Some even want a new wife.  Some don't even have it at mid life, they have it at three quarter my husband.  The title of this page came to me in a flash when I saw this camera in my LR catalogue...lots of reflecting this fall.  With Jim and the boys and what it means to come full circle in our family..

I have a Flickr/Facebook friend.  The sweetest there is.  She started this adventure for us over a year ago. Chris knows of our love of Maine, and the great outdoors, so one day she sent me a photo of a little camper called a Tear Drop.  I showed it to Jim...and then he was gone, looking for this camper.  Now, can I say, we have camped for many years.  The entire time the our kids were little until we bought our house in Maine, we camped every summer vacation and weekends in between.  I am over camping.  He's not.  So because I didn't think it would really happen, I went along on this passion of his last year for awhile.  After deciding for sure that we would never own a Tear Drop, way to small and I told him a bear would just pick that thing up and take us away, he finally gave up, or so I thought.


This is what showed up in my driveway in Maine this summer. Defiantly not a teardrop.. Long story short, this summer he started looking again.  I knew the bug never left him.  We compromised.  He could get a camper, for him and the boys. He desperately wanted to take them camping to share the experiences that he had with his own kids.  That was a good argument.  The deal was he was suppose to get around a 20 ft. camper that would fit in our driveway in Maine and also at our house in Massachusetts. Most of their camping would be done in the drive-ways, with a 20 mile radius around each house.  I didn't think he could get in to much trouble with that.  What he came home with was a 24 foot trailer but he says he got it for a good price. I have to admit it was in great condition even though it barely fit in the driveway in Maine...he was off and running and so were the boys that first weekend they came to visit us in Maine.  It was Jim's surprise for them, and yes, they made me sleep in it the first night...until alarms starting going off around 5 in the morning and I was out of there.  Everything is fine now..something that needed replacing. 

So now he's tried the driveway..not so bad. He wants real off we go, last weekend, to beautiful Point Sebago campground, fifteen minutes from our house in Maine.  A Halloween adventure happening there and the boys are prime to go. So the shot above is Jim's new toy..for the boys.  That is Liam, sitting at the picnic table playing a game or making a far so good.  It's up and working.  The rest of the post will be in photo's...come on, you all know you want to go camping with me..


I did say it was Halloween, right?

 Even the trees dressed up in their finest colors...

Have you ever experienced a camp fire at 7 a.m. in the morning when there is a definite nip in the air...if not, you don't know what your missing.  There is not a better smell or sound, than bacon sizzling on the grill..that grill is from when we camped over 30 years ago. Guess that tells you something about us.  Jim and Jenna did all the early morning outside work.  I prepped in the little kitchen and the boys, well, they did what little boys do.  They played games.  One of my favorites, Sorry.  Thank you Parker Brothers.

Camp-fires are a very important part of camping, especially for small boys.  They love sparklers and storytelling and in general trying to set the world on fire.  This night it was only a tiny piece of Jaxson's jacket. Don't forget the toasted marshmellows and samoa's also. I think the looks on their faces tell more of a story than words ever could.  Yup, so far so good Papa.


 Just because I love this grown up now, but still my sweet boy.

Hiding in the tree where no one could see him or so he thought.  

Liam and Papa doing important paperwork at the campfire.

 Jenna keeping Gracie nice and warm, wrapped in her shawl.  Jenna is the best camper...She just loves it.

Beware...there are Ninja turtles everywhere...Off to go trick or treating around the park.

Mommy is not afraid of the dark approaching...she is protected by her Ninja boys.

One little Ninja gets tired so he gets a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

After trick or treating me..all the carved pumpkins from the afternoon project where put on display for judging..I wonder, did they win?

Every good Halloween event must have a Haunted Hay ride.  Meet Broom Hilda.  Scared the crap out of everyone.  The scenes were even worse.  Liam and I got scared several times and Jaxson hid in his mom's much fun..

Poor guy really got knocked out when those other buggers saw the pole that he was working on...

Beware of spooky grave yards...

Enough of that spooky hay ride...the boys waiting for their turn in the bouncy house.

The perfect end to a Halloween adventure...days always end at the campfire and it doesn't have to be your own...

So there you have it.  Did I reflect, yes I did.  Every moment of this camping trip was a reflection of the past. The time that Papa and I spent with Chris and Jenna around a camp fire, and being outside from early morning till well past bedtime were some of the best family vacations we've ever taken.  Now to have this opportunity to do this with the boys is wonderful, both for us and for them.  I also know Jenna won't be far behind.  It's a special kind of joy.  The kind that comes from being with the ones you love, and really enjoying nature at it's best.  It really is all about hot dogs and hamburgers...the little things.  Even if they are only in a 20 mile radius around your house.

“The soul is healed by being with children.” ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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