Hers and Mine
Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 03:00PM
Cheryl Crotty


It started with a spark...sometimes that is all it takes to get a thought rolling around in my head. I was visiting a friend in Seattle this fall...she lives in a most gorgeous little harbor town.  We were at her house for dinner one night and as I walked into her living room..with a view, the light caught my eye and took me to a small table by the window...and what to my wondrous eye did appear but a silver plate just full of sparkling little tea spoons. To add to my delight, they were on a lovely silver tray.  I took out my i-phone and started snapping but something was missing..the photo wasn't giving me what my heart was feeling...Along comes my very talented friend, I show her my shots, she then procedes to turns one of the spoons over, took a shot and there it is...the spark.

I came home from that trip, uploaded my photo's and in my grouping, was..Her photo.  From there I went through my dining room and kitchen draws...looking for silver, and I was surprised by how many nice pieces I actually had..some very old spoons  given to me by my Ms. Margaret before she died..some of my own that I had found at antique shops and a few newer pieces all blending together nicely, but no where could I find a silver tray, so I used a beautiful dish of my Grandmothers for my silver spoons.. Not long after that I got a gift in the mail...a tiny silver spoon that shows Mount Rainier, with the height of the mountain printed on it..My friend remembered how much I loved her spoons and and she knew we were heading to Mt. Rainier, after leaving her, so she  sent me one...it was a beautiful gift.  So it went on my little tray and then I took my photo.  My tray sits on the hutch in my kitchen so everyday I pass it and I see her little spoon there, resting so nicely with all the other little spoons...sort of like a little spoon family.  It reminds me of the days I spent with Her...and her generous heart.  That was when I thought of my photo...Hers and Mine together...forever.  

So a spark brings light, joy and and an idea.  A spark can generate a trip, a visit, an open heart.  That's what happens if you feel the spark and then act on it.  The spark starts off tiny...like meeting on Flirckr and grows throught the common love of photography and a meeting of the minds..and occasionally the spark turns into a forest fire and you pack your bags and you go...and that's is when you feel the flame of friendship...sealed for life.

Who knows when we will meet again..but we will, of that I am sure, but the spark has been lit and the flame has grown and the fire continues to burn...it produces warmth, respect and love...generating across the United States...all of this and now a beautiful, timeless photo from one tiny little spark...

As you move into this New Year...full of plans, ideas and goals...remember to keep your eyes open for that spark and don't turn away from it...go towards the light...you never know what you might find at the other end...

Happy New Year...friends...

A very special thanks to another friend across the miles.  She gave up part of her day to talk to me, help solve a problem and in the end...made this photo more beautiful...sparks are flying everywhere.

"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."

Albert Schweitzer


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