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Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 08:24AM
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It's so easy in the summer to just go poking around in all the lovely spots where surprises await you...For some insane reason I have a love of little chairs...and this summer I found two lovlies, one of which I'm posting here today for my Friday Summer Finds..I think as I grow older I want to surround myself with all the things I never had as a little girl growing up...and so the desire for small chairs, dolls and all pretty thing things come from that inner child.  I'm so happy that that long ago part of me is finding it's way into my life now.

I found this lovely chair at an Antique store in Bridgton Maine one weekend when I was out with my son..not only is he a Meditation and Yoga instructor, he is also a licensed carpenter who knows his wood and his when we saw this chair and I fell in love with it, he assured me that it was old, authentic and of a very good quality wood. He thought it would look good with a plant sitting on it, so I figure this is a good comprise...because the old watering can was another one of my finds on a different day out and about..I love how wabi sabi it is ..the colors are and earthy and the hydrangea was fresh when it started out but I just let it dry and now it is a perfect compliment to my can.

I just love my dream cup, my find at TJ Maxx at the very beginning of the summer...I have posted it before but really, all summer long, it has been a "dream" to not only photograph but to use ...there is power in holding it and looking at that word as I sip my afternoon tea.  A constant remind that dreaming is good for the soul...and when it holds my tea, it fills me with warmth and comfort.


Speaking of comfort...this is where it happens for me in the summer.  A gift from my son three years ago for Mother's day, which has become an ongoing project for me, with so much help for my husband. Each year we plant a new kind of flower, testing to see what grows in the most shaded area of the yard. We find, and carry, rocks of all sizes to fill the space in the circle.  Chris laid the garden out but Jim and I have worked on completing his design with the rocks.  Almost done, but so much fun to work on. This year we were able to find the trellis at a flea market...craziest thing.  First thing we saw upon entering the flea market.  The guy had about 3 of these, in different designs..he was going out of business and there it was.  Jim says he couldn't have bought the wood for what this cost.  We brought it home and Jim put it together..It jus really defines and finishes my meditation garden..Oh, and that little rocking chair is the one I mentioned earlier.  I found this sweet thing at my local consignment perfect condition and strong enough for the boys to sit on...Jim says, no more chairs...hmmm, we'll see.

I just wanted to post this view of the garden so you can get a sense of what it is really like...although it is small it is peaceful and quiet...Buddha is sitting in the far back, meditation chimes hang from the right side of the fence and I have a lovely bench with a pillow and red cushion where I sit and read with my tea..the kids gave us the bench, engraved with a hummingbird, several years ago for our anniversary...who knew it would fit so well in this garden now...I love this space...not only for the peace, comfort and pleasure it brings..but also for the joy in knowing how loved I am now by the people who surround me...that little girl inside is finally feeling the love that was lost for so many years as a child. I find it interesting that of all we possess, it is these gifts of the heart and hand that matter most.


Finally I found, over this summer, as the boys grow, it is so important and FUN, to just slow down, be in the moment and get out in nature. Nothing restores the heart and soul like a walk in the woods, or a run if your a little boy, and to just be.  On this day, we walked, we talked and we skipped along the trails.  Have you had a conversation lately with a 4 year old who knows so many things about birds and bugs and life.  How about a chat with a 2 year old who sounds like he was born in the North End of Boston and uses his hands and expressions to tell you about rocks and how to throw them...these kind of days, so short in the scheme of life, remind me to slow down, breath and just simply smile at the fullness of gifts given and received...ah yes, summer finds...I hope you found some that will carry you through the long winter also...


"your are the keeper of your own struggle.  And you are the keeper of your own impatience. Frustration. And grace too.  Of the generosity of your own heart.  You are the keeper of your gratitude and courage.  Your bravery and intention.  Exhale."  

From bella Grace.... I love this, my new magazine find...



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