Heart to Heart
Friday, March 28, 2014 at 04:06PM
Cheryl Crotty

Sometimes it's not always about what I find...sometimes it's about what finds me..actually Heleen and I found each other on the beautiful Island of St. Maarten...she works at the resort where we stay each year. She is smart, very helpful and full of spirit..she is also a creative, making some of she most beautiful jewelry on the Island and now she is in the process of creating one of God's most precious gifts. 

 I am "over the moon for her"...She is so excited and I just know she will be such a great Mom..so together we did a  photo shoot.  When she asked I was a little hesitant because this is not something that I have done before but she had confidence in my photography and I had no doubt that she would be a great model..We both had the added bonus of a beautiful beach to work on....so with her permission, I will share a few of my favorite shots from that night...sunset...the perfect light in which  to celebrate such a joyous event...and next year I will go back and on that same beach we will photograph her little "we one"...and as you all know, I do know how to photograph little ones...

So please, meet Heleen.  





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