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Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 09:46AM
Cheryl Crotty

Today's weather...high of 82, low of 72, sunny with chance of light sprinkle...funny, that's been the same weather report since we arrived.  It's one of the things we love most about St. Maarten..predictable weather, always in our favor...the other thing I love about being here is the smell of the ocean, the smell of the just fills me up..comfort food for the nose and soul, so to speak.   The weeks pass quickly, already home is seeping slowly into my mind.  We will enjoy the rest of our time here though and store up the color and sounds, sun and light rain...the kind of rain that is like a gentle kiss on your body.  No worries, no hurry.

So, I share with you a few of my favorite finds for this week...Color, it's all about the color.

My favorite's like the "meeting tree" for the locals, always interesting people and that branch is just made for soaking up some shade on these hot, hot days...


The Sweet Sugar Bird...yes, that really is the name of this very pretty bird...they literally eat sugar.  This little one was just finishing up his bath and I just love how he was puffing up his feathers... 


Ah, the Pinal Island lizard...o.k. this one is not so colorful but I love his stance..there are many others that are much more colorful and they just hang out at the beach...first time I met one, I was in the "ladies room", outside of course and one of these creatures sauntered in...literally scared the "crap" out of me...LOL Anyways...we have become much better friends since then...I no longer use the "ladies room."


The sunsets are gorgeous every night..sometimes, like here, I just shot it from my balcony.  Other times I head down to the beach.  Wherever  I am, the sunsets bring me to a halt.  They remind me of the beauty of nature and the spectacular paintings of a higher spirit...always the end to a perfect day.


I could not end this post without offering up another French treat...Last week I gave you Hot Cross Buns, this week I'm sorry to say they were out of those buns but they did have some "day old buns" that I thought you might enjoy..something for everyone on the beaches...

I'll hope these photo's bring you some respite for the weather you might be experiencing at home...Even though I am here I think about my family and my peeps everyday...we can travel, relax and enjoy another culture but we are never really very far from home and heart..

Happy Weekend to all of you...

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