I Only Have Eyes For You
Sunday, February 2, 2014 at 02:31PM
Cheryl Crotty

The time is winding down for these lovely little birds to be in our area...soon they will move on to a colder climate to continue their hunting...I could not miss one more opportunity to post and I've saved this one for last...wink,wink...

He is the cutest and he was the bravest...coming down off his perch to sit on the ground in front of me...I think in their time here they got very used to all of us gawkers looking at them and sometimes they were very accommodating.. He sat here quite awhile, not moving his claws at all, just turning his very flexible neck constantly...It was raining, I was under a tree and we looked at each other, me, every few seconds clicking the shutter...the owl, every few seconds swiveling around..looking for his lunch..

I've been fortunate over the years to capture a lot of wildlife...nature is where I'm most comfortable with my gear.  In all these many years, I've been treated to some very lovely gifts from my forest friends..but I must say, these owls have captured my heart like no other bird.  They are beautiful and cute.  They are patient and fast.  They wait and they watch.  They teach me to do the same.   You can not rush them. They are in charge.  So we wait..in the cold, rain, and if we are lucky, in the sunshine.  I have yet to get one in flight but that will be my goal for next year.  Just by being with them and seeing them was  accomplishment enough for this year...I am on the bonus plan with these little guys...because beyond finding them..I was able to get some very nice shots..so, I for one, will leave them in peace for this year.  

I am thankful always for the privilege of living in an area that affords me so much land to poke around in, and in this tiny space surrounding me, I have been blessed to see such natural beauty and amazing critters. So although I will not be shooting the owls anymore this year..I will be back in the marsh, along the seacoast next year...in the meantime, I'll be practicing my bird panning...Thank you my Owl friends, your eyes are amazing..they are your light and now they are mine..

the Wisdom of the Owl

                              an                    owl
                                is                      the
                                one                  true
                            symbol of all the wisdom
                        of the world. God gave him big
                      penetrating  yellow eyes to see us
                      and                    he                  will
                      by          ( )        his        ( )      task
                        he                  will                now
                            watch over mankind forever
                            oh feathered      bird stand
                              your ground we seek your
                        wise sight given to you by God,
                      as you sleep by day and watch in the
                      night for mankind is rife with it's fault
                      loses grace with each sin that is wrought
                    thats why you were made you were born to
                    fly,given the wisdom that shines in your eyes,
                        and closed by day gaining rest for the night 
                            needed for manuevering with your flight.
                                of all of the animals that God ever created
                                    a creature of the night you are situated on an
                                        old                  oak tree              branch of a limb
                                        for                  you  are                          like a sentinel 
                                        to                      him.
                                  a    wise              one  to  boot
                                  so  let  us all        hear you hoot !  
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