To The Moon and Back
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 09:36PM
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If you were to ask Liam what that expression means he would tell you that that is how much my Nana loves me...and he would be right..I have been telling him this each time I see him, for five years now..I am having a hard time wrapping myself around the fact that he is turning five..I remember, like it was yesterday, the first time I held him, in a hospital room, thirty minutes after he was born. From that very first moment, he stole my heart and has never let go..In this last five years he has grown into a lovely little boy...full of life, laughter and love.  He has given us so much joy and happiness.  

Both Papa and I have so many wonderful shared  moments with him to smile about..we cherish each visit with him and have been so privileged to have had him each week in our care.  Next year he will be in kindergarten all day, making friends and beginning his "big boy" adventures...and although we will continue to be important to him...he will grow into his own little for the rest of this year, I will hold him close, enjoy the bond that we have formed and wait and watch to see how he  expands his horizon. 

I know you have seen so many photo's of him over the years...but I just couldn't let this day go by without a few of my favorites as he's grown.  Time spent..that's the gift we have cherished the most  with him...and now Jaxson. I always wanted to be a Grandmother but honestly, I never knew it was going to be this takes some of the sting out of "maturing..



How quickly the years have flown by, like a lazy Sunday afternoon...I look at him now and know that he moves on in confidence and a sense of his own as he rides off, leaving his toddler hood behind, Papa and I will always be on the sidelines, watching and loving him..Ah these kids, what a great ride they both have given us...I think we'll sign up for another year of learning and laughing with them.

Happy Birthday Lil Man....

"It's the little moments, that make life big"..Kobi Yamada

"If you want to keep your memories, first you have to live them." Bob Dylan




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