Boys and Butterflies
Monday, September 23, 2013 at 01:40PM
Cheryl Crotty in Jaxson, Liam, butterfly place

It used to be that I had the boys on Wednesdays, and each week we would go on an adventure or do something special at home.  We still do that, but now Liam is getting so grown up that he has left me for nursery hard for me to wrap my head around how quickly that time has come.   Just seems like yesterday that he was a tiny baby, just rocking away in his swing.  Still, we are fortunate to have the boys one day a week but now it is Tuesday's..Whew a few more years with them together...although the day is different our adventures will continue.

Last week we went to The Butterfly Place...what a wonderful day that was.  Liam loved seeing all the butterflies dancing around, some even landed on his head, which he thought was pretty funny.  Jaxson just delights in being out.  He looks around and takes it all in, not really understanding but not really caring either. To him it's just another adventure...

The beginning of the fall season always has been a marker for how quickly time flies.  It is a reminder for me, and always has been, to keep those things close to my heart that I love.  My kids, projects to be finished, perhaps a few days in the cellar or garage preparing for winter by getting rid of a bit more junk.  It reminds me to not take life for granted...soon my grandbabies will be off to school full time.   I know it happens fast so I'm storing up all of our adventures together...

Fall is a beautiful season..with so much color.  A season to prepare for winter and a season to enjoy the last of all the outdoor brings our picking, walks in the woods, shooting and playing in the leaves.  Soon we will be hundle inside by the fire with blankies and hot chocolate.  For me, those times are special also but not yet.  Each Fall marks another year of growth in those boys and I'm still wanting to play...and keep them small for as long as off to our adventures we go.

A fall day, little boys and butterflies...who could possibly ask for more..

Of course at the end of every amazing adventure the boys are always hungry so it's off to eat we go...their favorite place, if we can find one, is always a diner...our favorite place also, because a diner has a lot of patience with kids, and the food choices are right up their alley...a good grilled cheese, mac and cheese, french fries and chocolate milk..and hopefully a nap on the ride home...

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