Going Back...and Moving Forward
Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 11:36AM
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It was March 2, 1962..Paramount Theater in Salem, Massachusetts.   Back in the day when you had a ticket booth out front, live organ music on the stage, at least 3 cartoons and finally, the two main events...That's right, in 1962 you got two movies and you spent the day there...for .25 cents.  My first date.  I was barely 15 years old..We sat in the balcony.  That's where you sat and most often it's where you first held hands and finally kissed...I don't know what the movies were that day, but I do know I was very excited with a lot of fear mixed in there..and no, on that date we did not kiss.  

We walked home that night, not old enough to drive yet and I remember him walking about 4 paces in front of me...I was balancing myself walking on the curb stone.  That night was the beginning of a 51 year journey with My Guy...today we celebrate 45 Years of Marriage.  Now when we go to the movies, you only get one show..but that's o.k. for us.  We are usually at the 4:30 showing anyways...

Life takes so many twists and turns and in 45 years we had our share of both good times and some not so good...great joy and huge sadness....we've been through "in sickness and in health"...and we spoken loving to each other more often than with anger but yes, that has been spoken also..We have built a wonderful life and family...sharing two kids, a boy and a girl, both offering us pride and joy and friendship.   Jenna has given us two beautiful and loving Grandchildren which we see as God's gift for a humble and loving life.   Most days I can't wait to get up and see what life will bring my way.   Sometimes it's sunshine and light, some days it's clouds and rain..we get through all our days together.

I wish there was some magic fairy dust that I could bottle and pass around so every couple could have a long and loving relationship...but it's really not about magic.   It's about commitment and hard work, maybe the hardest work we do as a couple is to every so often re-evaluate where we are at any given moment and what we want for our future...For Jim and I it has always been about family first and that continues to be our priorty to this day...there is nothing that we are more committed to than our family.  Not always easy but always, always worth it.   

When I look back over our years together and our life both as partners and as individuals, I now at my age, can claim a lot of wonderful treasures...not material treasure but life experience treasures...the kind you learn about along the way.  The kind you can only recognize as you grow...up.  As I look at these treasures I have learned there is one common thread that runs through each one of the "biggies" in our life.   Every gift of great importance has come through hard work...Nothing of value comes for free or without some pain or struggle..knowing that when we got to the other side of the struggle, we were stronger for it and we appreciated it...Life in not a sprint..it's a marathon...you need the right person next to you to grow in love and faith and loyalty...Then you get the gifts...We are truly blessed in each other..it's been quite a journey.

I want to share a few of my favorite times with my Favorite Guy...I am amazed that from that tiny theater so many years ago, at not only how fast the time has gone by, but by how much we have to look forward to. Who knows where the road will lead...but I know who will be by my side...

My beautiful family...I love them so much...

At our Lake House in Maine...we have so much fun here and it is truly a piece of  Heaven for relaxation

And sometimes we end up in the strangest places and that is where we really have the most fun...this is not your average taxi...Cusco Peru.

Then off to Macchu Pichu

On Top of the World....in Yosemite..

Riding off into the Sunset...Me and Him...not quite yet...so many more adventures on our bucket list..but on each adventure we tried to go horseback riding..it really is one of our greatest pleasures..


“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”  John Muir

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” 
― John Muir

 My Guy



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