A Beach Rose
Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 09:06PM
Cheryl Crotty

The beach rose is one of my favorite flowers of the summer.   Perhaps it's because they grow wild along the beach and if your lucky enough to have a stone wall in front of your house,  these lovelies will travel the length of the wall..

Last week I spent a day just traveling one small road in Manchester, Mass...but it is one of the most beautiful and manicured roads North of Boston..the estates here are beyond what I could even imagine and the landscaped properties are gorgeous...to say nothing of the backdrop to the ocean if your "rich enough"...

Although I'm not "rich" enough to own one of these properties, I am rich enough to travel their private road...The road isn't really private..the residents just put up a sign that says it is...signs are never a problem for me, and in the traveling I see my world slow down as I take in the beach roses...you see, I relate to that rose, perhaps it's why I love it so much...that rose is wild, not a hybrid, does not like to be contained, yet it is uniquely bold in color, beauty and fragrance. It moves along the wall at it's own pace.   It is an old species and it can be found at most ocean locations in New England..perhaps in other area's also but I'm not sure about that..it reminds me of "me"...vintage will a lot of color and a bit of wildness...moving at my own pace...with what I hope is a bit of beauty shinning through..

We both, the rose and me, have a bit of a spark...but that spark is enough to keep us going...no matter what storms we travel through...


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