Power Me Up
Monday, May 13, 2013 at 02:31PM
Cheryl Crotty

Our lesson in Beyond Beyond was to work with apples and come up with a photo...well as I sat in my little cottage in Maine,  reading the lesson on my Mac...the apple was shinning brightly like a diamond...Oh, my mind though...apples and apple...of course.

So power me up was born...nothing really that exciting but it's Monday and I'm thinking after the weekend of kids and cards and flowers,  lots of food and probably to much wine..I would just do an easy post today to start the week...you know,  ease in slowly...

I'm still trying to feel my way around this blog thing and for the most part I probably take it a bit to seriously but I'm thinking that some days it might be o.k. just to chill and enjoy chatting.  Life isn't always full of big moments...which is a good thing. I do believe, for the most part its the little things that keep life interesting.

So another Monday..another day for laundry, exercising,  cooking and posting.  Still a good day.   A day to be thankful and to remember all the good that came out of yesterday..  It still sits in my heart and makes me happy.  Just everyone being together to share our small family and to not only celebrate me as a Mom and now a Nana..but to also celebrate my daughter,  who in her own right is a really wonderful Mom..working hard to bring up her two little boys.  She makes me so proud as I watch her family interact. She gave me a C.F to Anthro, oh Kim will be jealous of that but I bet she might have gotten one also and Liam brought me roses. Of course we remembered another Mom...my Mom..she is always with us on these special days..even if only in memory...my kids love talking about her. I'm glad she was such a great Nana for them..so the memories are important. Remember in your own life to keep making them.

My son was here with all his goodness and he is the master of homemade, thoughtful gifts.  Really the best. I love my boy.  He's really special.  I'm not quite so sure that we needed that tray of very special treats he brought though. In the end,  we all ate them with, great relish...lemon square, peanut butter bomb with dark chocolate, cheesecake with strawberries and my very favorite..carrot cake with cream cheese frosting...I had to do a few extra minutes on the treadmill today at the gym and I'll probably be eating cereal for dinner until weight in on Friday....but what a treat.

And my husband...the gift giver of beyond reasonable.  Not complaining though...he was on an orange mode this year...don't ask me why.   I don't think I have any orange in my closet..I do now though.. Kate Spade tote bag..the diapers are going to be looking good in there...let me see, Jack Russell (oops Rogers) orange sandles...shhh,  I took them back. Orange earrings and an orange ring..oh and I can not forget the orange hat. It would be lovely at a mexican dinner but I'm not going Mexican anytime soon...shh..that went back also but I did find a hat with at touch of orange in it that I liked...I can tell you how this happened...I wanted a watch band for my watch..so he went to Nordstroms and they ordered it for him..he  turned around and saw the orange tote bag and them decided to make a "theme"...yikes, was there no pink or purple around.  Anyways, we had fun with that and he is really sweet to even shop for me and in the end he did come up with a great book that will be fun to read...My kids say I'm spoiled and I tell them I am,  but I deserve it...LOL. 

So my short post has turned into a long post but that's the way it is for me when I finally sit down to write...the words just come.  I never know where I'm going to end up and that's the beauty of it...get a theme and roll with it..

So have an apple today..they are so good right now and if your fortunate to have a Mac...let the light of That Apple lead the way to  wonderul adventures as you Power Up..psst...try Pinterest...that'll keep you going for awhile..

Happy Monday...the dryer calls..

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