Him and Me....Tea
Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 10:52AM
Cheryl Crotty

Sometimes I just have to write about what's in my heart...not for anyone else I guess, but for him and me...I want him to know when he is a big boy about all our special times,  times that a three year old might not remember when he is 20 or 30...In a way that is what my blog is about...creating memories that are not only about words but about photo's...hoping that for those I write about, will someday, have a long ago feeling stirred just by visiting my blog and and seeing the "memories" of us.

Liam is my Tea buddy...Since he was 9 months old we have shared tea...and one of the things we love to do is go to the Wenham Tea House for tea...we usually reserve it for special days, rainy days and days that just have that "I need tea out" feeling...they also have a small shop there that Liam likes to visit and usually he goes home with a new book or a Jelly Cat.. o.k. not usually...always...Also if you haven't checked out Jelly Cats yet,  you really should...I even have my own Honey Bear...I share him with Liam and Jaxson.   They also have many of their own...

Tea is an art..of sorts.  Different rules for adults and small children...Liam is learning...he knows how to pour from a small pot and he is expert at putting the sugar in,  he especially likes to use sugar tongs...that's a new thing,  before I would only let him have a small spoon and sugar bowl..and he likes lots of milk in his tea...usually vanilla soy milk at my house but cream when visiting the tea house...A fancy cup is a must.   He does have a tea mug at my house and the Maine house but he prefers a fancy cup...That cracks me up...and of course any true tea lover needs really good treats to go with the luscious tea.   I prefer scones with cream and jam...Liam likes chocolate...in either a cupcake of a rich brownie.  Again, at home,  not the same...we have gingerbread cookies with sprinkles..and you might notice that Liam's face is not as clean as it usually is but since this was a spontaneous jester on his part...I thought the chocolate face was appropiate...That is just how Liam likes to enjoy his cupcake,  especially chocolate.  I find it delightful myself,  a sign of a really good treat and a little boy who knows how to enjoy it.

Good conversation is a must at any Tea Party...and by the way,  a Tea Party can consist of as many or as few people as is convenient...sometimes even when I'm alone...its a tea party for one...sometimes my favorite kind of Tea Party...and yes I have been know to talk to myself...Liam though is my favorite person to have a conversation with.   He tells me great stories,  we laugh and I love his innocence.  He also spends lots of time entertaining the waitress and of course after every tea party we go home with left-over treats...

There is never a better time of day than at 3:30 to get ready to go to the Tea House...it is always special...because I have the best Tea Partner around....I can't wait to take Jaxson along someday...but that will have to wait a bit...he came with us once but it was an indication that he needs a bit more growing to do...his day will come though...I can feel it in my Heart. 

My hope is someday,  way in the future, these boys will be sipping a cuppa of Earl Grey and reading my blog and remember all the good times they had with their Nana at the Tea House...one can't hope for anything more than a good memory...and a good hot cup of tea. 

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