Buried in Books
Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 11:11AM
Cheryl Crotty

Come on in..I'd like to share some of my books with you...it is my "first love" of all my passions...I have always been a lover of the written word.  For as long as I can remember books were my friend.  I lived in those stories growing up and even today..books are my escape.  I wished I had thought to take a photo before the cleaning so you could have seen what a mess I had on my shelves...but you know,  I knew where every book was that I needed or wanted...All cleaned up now.  I hope I can find the "next in line" when the time comes.

I spent the entire weekend cleaning and sorting books...not just in this bookcase, I also have a big bookcase in my living room...that got done also.  I even cleaned out the kids books so they are neat and organized now.  I did forget the ones in the family room though, but those can wait...I'm done with the book cleaning, moving on to something else that really needs some TLC..

So about the books...most everybook on the shelves above are books that I have not read yet...which brings me to my next problem..I buy to many books.  I am a bibliophile: 1. A lover of books 2. A collector of books.. It's like an addition.  The problem is I'm buying way more books than I can read in a lifetime..These books do not even included all the books I buy for my photography...we won't even go there...oh but the joy they bring, not just in the reading of them but in the getting of them, the holding of them, turning the pages, some feel like silk.  Just seeing them as I go up the stairs lifts my spirits..and I swear I can smell such a lovely smell from them also.

Have you ever spent a day at a Barnes and Nobles or Borders when they were still around.  Do you remember the "good time" feeling that would come over you as you pushed the door open,  even before you laid eyes on a good book or a magazine that you just had to have...Oh my,  I would get lost for hours in those stores.  I still do..Now I take Liam so he will understand the importance of the "written word" in binder format.   I get a cup of tea...he, his chocolate milk and then we walk together gathering what we will look at while we have our treat and always, something comes home with us...Oh I could go on and on but I think you are getting the sense of me and my books...Honestly when I was really sick earlier in the year...books saved me... so for that alone they are worth whatever the cost...and Oh Amazon...you are my biggest challenge right now..please stop coming to my mailbox..

So those bags and many more are now on their way to my local library...they will be happy to have them for their next sale.   I hate to admit it but most of them are new...I never got a chance to visit with them..and I know that it will not happen now..so I'm glad to share them with someone else who is not as deranged as I am about books...but I do remember a long time ago my Aunt Florence..(such an old fashion name) telling me that as long as you have books, you will always have a friend...Now I know what she was talking about.  I also hope that many of us find peace and joy in just holding a real book..perhaps marking it up as you go along. Words  to remember or words that remind you of the past.   Words that still today resonate a feeling that you once experienced or a memory of a loved one that now is no longer here.   A book you can hold on to for however long you need it's message..to put on your shelf and know that you can return to it again and again. Those special books that have been given to me by my kids, especially my son, who writes lovely messages on the title page for me...Keepers always.. 

Words are magic...they define who we are and the choices we make.. Books are an education for those of us who were not fortuante enough to go to college...I have learned so much from books and continue to learn and for this I am grateful...O.K. so I spend a few bucks on my books but to me it is always money well spent for all that I get back...and the gift goes on as I pass the books forward.

I made another discovery while cleaning out my books and I thought I would share that today but I'm thinking it will have to wait.   Like this story, that other pile of books will take some time..and some pondering...Please come back again and share that moment with me.

As for today...it is snowing here,  the wind is howling and I'm going to be staying here in the house...here's the plan though...a nice warm shower, a fire in the living room fireplace...quilts, tea,  Gracie and perhaps today...I'll finish my currant  book  and maybe, just maybe pick "the next in line"  off my nice clean shelf... 

“How many cities have revealed themselves to me in the marches I undertook in the pursuit of books!” Walter Benjamin

“To build up a library is to create a life. It's never just a random collection of books.” Carlos Maria Dominquez




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