I'm Not Perfect.....
Monday, March 18, 2013 at 08:05PM
Cheryl Crotty

I know that's hard to believe isn't it...Not only is it hard to admit but even more shocking is that I'm writing it here for the World Wide Web to see.   There have been times over the years when I thought I might not be perfect but I just shoved those thoughts aside...naw...can't be true..but the fact is I had to face the music today after trying to get my beautiful flowers to be in focus and me just a blur in the background...I see so many lovely photo's like this on line but I proved to myself today that it is just not my specialty...that does not mean though,  that with more practice and a bit of help from my friends that I to, might  master this creative side of shooting.   

So the truth is in the photo...I'm a complete failure at self-portraits.  I know, hard to believe right?  Photo's don't lie though and as you can see from these wonderful shots from earlier today,  I didn't make the grade..Oh I tried, I spent several hours trying so hard to focus on those damn flowers and none of them with me in the shot came out in sharp focus..I changed my lens several times,  going from my 50mm to my 100 macro, from my Canon 7D to my 5D Mark 111, which I thought could perform miracles..but not today. I even changed the color of my sweater because I could see that it didn't really enhance my photo with the pink flowers.  So the ones you see are the very best out of my shots.  Just a note here,  all the photo's of the flowers without me came out perfect.


Your probably wondering why on earth would I share these terribly inadequate photo's with the big wide web. Well I'm sharing them for two reason...one,  I think I did a great job on the processing..and two,  I'm hoping one of you lovely souls will take pity on me and send me some great advice on how to do selfie's in a way that is not shameful to me or harmful to all of you...

Really,  the reason I share these  is to say, none of us are perfect in everything...and it's o.k.  It takes a long time to get to the realization that we don't even have to be perfect,  we just have to keep learning and growing and have a bit of fun along the way...so in essence,  I'm not really unhappy with my post because it proves that at least I took the time to try and guess what?....I'll try again because I really want to get it.  

Deep inside we all want to be perfect...but some days its o.k. just to be "good enough"..and pat yourself on the back for the effort.

"Every man's work, whether it be literature, or music, or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself."   Samuel Butler

You will regret the cell-phone self-portrait in the bathroom mirror one day...

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