Mud Time at The Sweet Sugar Shack 
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 08:26PM
Cheryl Crotty

The Mighty Maple...

For me this has seemed like a very long long that I hardly have been paying any attention to what is really going on right around me.  A few days ago though as I was driving down the road I noticed that the maple sugar buckets were already nailed to the tree's...What a beautiful sight that was...last year I had completely missed Maple Sugaring in our town..not this year though...Spring was coming whether I was aware of it or not. That is what I love about nature, it doesn't keep track of time like we do,  it just appears when it is suppose to.

Today when the boys were here..I loaded them up in the car and off we all went to the Maple Sugar Shack and enjoyed some time mucking it up in the spring mud and getting our first taste of that sweet maple syrup. This is a really special treat for Liam because he is the world's best pancake eater and he likes lots of "dipping sauce"...aka,  maple syrup..and of course he just loves being outside.   Along with the maple syrup, mud is magic goo to a three year old.  Jaxson, well he just loves being where everyone else is.   His only goal right now is to "watch" the happenings and giggle..We like that this is his way of telling us that he is having a good time also.  After our romp in the mud and a bit of a taste tease with the fresh maple syrup of course we had to go to lunch...and yes,  we had chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream..

So I go into the day tomorrow and all the days ahead knowing that no matter what the weather, spring is really on it's do I know this for sure..."the maple tree's told me"..and never take a conversation with a tree for granted..Here's to spring, maple syrup, trees and muddy little boys...another reason to love New England..

 The Wood Pile...

 The Sugar Shack...where the syrup is made.

Ah...taste so sweet Nana..doesn't get any fresher than this..

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