The Calm After the Storm
Monday, March 11, 2013 at 09:07AM
Cheryl Crotty


Sometimes the ocean the sand and the rocks are so beautiful...calming and peaceful...a good place to go when you feel the need for a bit of uplifting energy...a place to sit and meditate, just by staring out at the simple beauty of it all...the sound of the waves sooth your soul and quiet the mind and you feel at peace.   Other times that ocean is your worst nightmare and plays havoc with the land...It's times like that when it's best to just stay away.  We have had several weeks of the magical mystery of the seas. My prayers are with the three families at Plum Island who lost their houses to the sea this past weekend.

As the sea goes, so does life...up and downs,  beautiful moments, joy beyond what we expect and then along comes pain and anxiety to send us into a tail life feels just like the sea I continue to work out the process of my health many more good days now than bad...for which I am thankful.   Every once in awhile though the angry sea roars it's ugly face a reminder that life is not always fun and games but hard work and perseverance...

So yesterday I went to the sea in the town where I grew up...Winter Island is a place many people go to just to sit in their cars in the winter and watch the tide go in and out and look beyond the light house for a bigger view, in the summer there are lovely benches to sit on. I love to go there and photograph that light house...I have been their so many reminds me of my past, it was the old Coast Guard Station and since my Dad was in the Military we would shop at the PX there, and looking out, it also reminds me of my future.   I see the waves crashing and the light of the house still shinning and so I will always have difficulties but we should concentrate on the "light"...because the light is what will lead us into a brighter day..

It's Monday...I wish you great light and joy this week...


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