From the Rockies to New England
Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 04:03PM
Cheryl Crotty

Just a cute little treat for you all today...being that the weekend is here and we are once again having a light dusting of snow...not that we really need more but it does keep the white going instead of the grey which will come later..

Week 4 of Beyond...can you believe it...this weeks lesson was to take something from the inside...outside.  Took a bit of creative thinking for me as still life is not my strong suit...YET.   I am working on it and I do like it...My stronger suit would be nature photography only because I have a hugh love for the great outdoors...and I'm always inspired by the Gifts of nature...and the quietness of life in the woods...but learn I will.

I will say that I think, at least for me,  that still life stretches my imagination more,  builds confidence when I complete a task and I'm pleased with the way it comes out.   It also is a great teaching tool in that I use more creative processing which is hugh for me.   I'm learning so much and with the learning comes the love.  It also pays to have a creative and wise teacher with a lot of patience...thanks Kim Klassen  for always being there for me.  So about today's photo:  

I brought this little bear home from my trip to the Canadian Rockies last year..a reminder of that trip and all the wonderful places we got to photograph...I love that the Teddy was ready for winter and knew he would fit right in at my home in New England.  As I sat thinking of this lesson..something from the inside...out.   He caught my eye and as it was snowing out..I knew he would just love to get out in the backyard...Maybe he was missing though Rockie Mountains and his snow this time of year...So off I went to the basement to fetch him a nice sleigh for his adventure in the New England winter...that sleigh was made by my husband...gosh he's so handy....I added a little blanket in case he got cold, I made that.  I know they like blankets on their sleds in the rockies..a cowgirl showed me that and off we went to the yard and a beautiful dusting of snow.   

Needless to say it was a fun photo shot...he didn't talk back..he didn't run away...he just sat there like a good little Teddy should but at the very end of the session I think I saw a smile apear on his face...yes, it was a smile...I think he was saying thank you...thank you for bring me home and loving me... Thank you for a bit of time in the fresh air but mostly he was letting me know that even though his beloved Rockies were far away, the difference in our lives was not so wide...cold, snow, love of outdoors,  sleigh rides and good friends can happen easily even when the distance seems hugh...I have so many wonderful memories of that in particular where I met my Cowgirl Friend  and to this day I feel like she is right next door...her world in the Rockies,  my world in New England..distance does not separte us...I wonder what next week will bring...

Happy Weekend to all who are part of my World...

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