Love Is In The Air....
Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 12:38PM
Cheryl Crotty

Not just today but everyday...Happy Valentines Day to all who visit.

For me Valentines Day isn't about chocolate, flowers or gifts of any kind...For me it's about the Love that I experience every day...not just on this one day of Red Roses and romantic verses...

You see my loves live in my heart every day...I've learned over many years that love doesn't come in a package, it comes in a hug or a warm fuzzy feeling and most often it comes with a lick on my face or paws at my feet...sitting under my constant companion is love.  It comes when my computer goes crazy and I'm not able to fix it.  I have my own in house techie who always "fixes" everything for me...Oh and my kids..they just fill me up...with Love.  Took awhile but we got there.

It came to me so strongly and clearly just a short time ago...validated you might say by little arms and a tiny little voice...I had the Noro virus and could not see my Grandchildren for almost 10 days...I missed my boys, especially my Liam who I have every week...I met him and his Mom for lunch the first day it was safe to be with them so that neither of them would get sick...Liam was sitting with his back to me when I walked into the restaurant, he did not know I was coming ,when he heard my voice and turned and saw me...oh my Gosh his face lit up like a Christmas tree..he got up on the chair and hugged me  so tight with those little arms and keep saying over and over again..."Nana,  Nana"...and he just held on...It was his first genuine expression of pure love,  given to me, so unexpected, in  that moment .We re-connected and I knew then that I was loved, really loved by this little boy.  I also knew that "he also got it". It was not Valentine's Day but it sure was a Red Letter Day in my book. Jaxson, well we know how much he loves us by the fact that he fought so hard to be here..and now he spreads joy in sharing his "raspberries and smiles".  Gotta love a boy who can make a good raspberry sound at just the right moment..and his smiles and giggles are so joyful.

Each day,  no matter how difficult or how beautiful, I am reminded that love is not ours to give love is to get love doesn't just's work just like any other great gift or hard won accomplisment...time and effort and kind words...a small gesture, a hug, all of these simple gestures spread love...I'm convinced that Kindness and Goodness matter...Not just on Valentine's Day but every day..

So when you go out into the world and even in your own home...share the always comes back in ways you don't even know about yet..

For today...count your blessings and spread a little Red around...


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