~winter In New England~
Monday, February 11, 2013 at 10:26AM
Cheryl Crotty

So much snow...so much beauty...I'm finding more and more each day that passes...Today the beauty came in learning...so much fun...how can this be when just last week I was so disheartened by my limits.

Two weeks of waiting and Dr. appointments...enough...so when the beautiful, white, fluffy stuff was flying so was my mind...I decided to let the chips fall and try to set up a routine that was within my limits but also within my sphere of joy..

Today I'm sharing the results..I took to the woods, in my car...so not a lot of walking.  That will have to wait but there is a big wide window in hubby's truck so off I went...there is nothing more restorative for the heart and soul than the beating pulse of nature...birds, trees full of white sparkles and berries,  red berries that just florish instead of dying...

Then to come home and FOCUS...on my lesson...I am so excited that I got through this one mostly on my own...not to say it didn't take me awhile but I did it...I have my own custom made template in light room and I know I can do more...and my image landed on my desk top,  just where it is suppose to be, did take two tries to get it there but hey two tries is progress for me..

Last but not least it is Monday and I'm am posting...Focusing...on my days of creativeness...Monday's and Thursdays...all is well..

I hope this week brings you many small moments of joy...moments when, at the end of the day you can check off something on your Happiness Journal...in the meantime...enjoy the weather...Crazy New England...now it's raining but that's o.k...I'm loving the tap, tap on my sky-light window, right above my desk...

"The Wisdom of Nature speaks to us Heart to Heart.  And Nature's first language is....BEAUTY." Tim McNulty

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