Welcome to Fall in Rockport
Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 11:33AM
Cheryl Crotty

Rockport..a tiny fishing village thirty minutes from my house...Home of the famous and hugely photographed Motif #1.  A tourist town that all who visit Cape Ann just have to come and visit.  It's artsy and all the little shops are run by "creatives" just like all of us who see the world in our own unique way and the try to capture it through whatever medium we love...it sits on the sea, this beautiful village and about a month ago a friend of mine went on a little photo tour to see "the other side of the town"...the part where the real folks live and play.  I highly recommend this sweet tiny village if ever you are in New England...and the season does not matter...it carries it's beauty straight through the year.

First stop, no matter when I go is always the Motif...even though I have photographed it a bazillion times, the wharf still draws me...maybe a new angle, maybe different light...but always the Motif in the background.

Heading out of town...we headed for the rocky shore and the beach...it's a beautiful sight with the lighthouse in the background...rugged and welcoming at the same time.


This view shows you just how close to the water these residents live...fortunately the rocky shoreline protects them but with the way things are going you have to wonder how long that can last...the ocean can be vicious as well as beautiful..so much erosion has already happened along our shorelines.  But still, for a time, I love to dream about what it must be like here.

In the fall and winter you can walk this lovely beach so much easier than in the summer when the resident well, take up residence on the beach..like the name of the town indicates..it has a lot of rocks...they are really beautiful to view..and at the right time of day  the light hits them wonderfully.

Heading back up to town we exit the beach and make a loop around the neigborhood and see this view as we head in...the harbor view with the two church steeples in the background...so calm and quiet on this early morning visit.


My last find of the day...a doorway on a side street...It was a beautiful day, not only for all the beauty of the ocean and beach...but it was well spent with a good photography friend.  We all know that's a great find for any day.




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